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  1. fa7fda4 bmpblk: add soraka board by YH Lin · 6 days ago master
  2. cbdc064 fizz: Add new board by Shelley Chen · 5 weeks ago release-R59-9460.B stabilize-9428.B stabilize-9430.B stabilize-9460.4.B
  3. b178478 bmpblk: Add poppy board by Jenny TC · 4 months ago firmware-cr50-9308.B release-R57-9202.B release-R58-9334.B stabilize-9157.B stabilize-9199.B stabilize-9202.18.B stabilize-9202.28.B stabilize-9202.56.B stabilize-9202.64.B stabilize-9202.B stabilize-9313.B stabilize-M57-9202.35.0.B stabilize-M58-9334.41.0.B stabilize-fsi-9202.10.B stabilize-fsi-9202.5.0.B
  4. c758026 bmpblk: Add new board by Duncan Laurie · 5 months ago stabilize-9093.B
  5. 1c971a6 Remove images/asset directory by Daisuke Nojiri · 8 months ago factory-gru-9017.B factory-reef-8811.B firmware-reef-9042.B firmware-servo-9040.B release-R55-8872.B release-R56-9000.B stabilize-8798.B stabilize-8838.B stabilize-8872.15.B stabilize-8872.40.B stabilize-8872.6.B stabilize-8872.70.B stabilize-8975.B stabilize-8992.B stabilize-9000.26.B stabilize-9000.29.0 stabilize-9000.29.B stabilize-9000.82.B stabilize-9000.84.B stabilize-9000.87.0.B stabilize-9000.87.B stabilize-9000.91.0.B stabilize-9000.B
  6. 9ae0ed8 Remove background and dummy image by Daisuke Nojiri · 8 months ago firmware-gru-8785.B stabilize-kevin-8785.94.B
  7. 87f18e0 Refactor image building by Daisuke Nojiri · 8 months ago
  8. c85dfd0 Decrease size of arrows by Daisuke Nojiri · 8 months ago
  9. 04abee7 Depcreate bmpblk.bin by Daisuke Nojiri · 8 months ago factory-gale-8743.19.B release-R54-8743.B stabilize-8737.B stabilize-8743.25.B stabilize-8743.58.B stabilize-8743.60.B stabilize-8743.69.B
  10. 563ac6b veyron_*: Remove obsolete Chromeboxes by David Hendricks · 11 months ago factory-gru-8557.B factory-gru-8652.B firmware-oak-8438.B release-R53-8530.B stabilize-8429.B stabilize-8447.B stabilize-8481.B stabilize-8516.B stabilize-8530.35.B stabilize-8530.71.B stabilize-8530.77.B stabilize-8530.80.B stabilize-8530.89.B stabilize-8530.93.B stabilize-8530.96.B stabilize-8530.B stabilize-8647.B stabilize-8688.B stabilize-8714.B
  11. 0b7244b vboot: Show BadUSB image in the center by Daisuke Nojiri · 1 year, 1 month ago factory-oak-8182.B firmware-gale-8281.B firmware-lucid-8173.B release-R51-8172.B release-R52-8350.B stabilize-8172.47.B stabilize-8249.B stabilize-8282.B stabilize-8337.B stabilize-8350.21.B stabilize-8350.68.B
  12. d0e7565 vboot: Add exclamation icon to BROKEN screen by Daisuke Nojiri · 1 year, 1 month ago
  13. 9237cc9 vboot: Replace exclamation icon with device insersion image by Daisuke Nojiri · 1 year, 1 month ago
  14. 5801405 Update Chrome logo to the latest version by Daisuke Nojiri · 1 year, 2 months ago factory-oak-8141.B stabilize-8104.B
  15. 3923881 chell/glados: Use 1920x1080 assets by Duncan Laurie · 1 year, 4 months ago factory-glados-7828.B release-R49-7834.B release-R50-7978.B stabilize-7821.B stabilize-7834.66.B stabilize-7907.B stabilize-7912.B stabilize-7956.B stabilize-7978.18.B stabilize-7978.51.B stabilize-7978.66.B stabilize-7978.74.B stabilize-7978.B stabilize-smaug-7897.B
  16. 26585f4 split model line into left|model|right parts by Daisuke Nojiri · 1 year, 5 months ago origin/HEAD origin/master stabilize-7797.B stabilize-smaug-7800.B
  17. 0859dc1 translate text for 'broken' screen by Daisuke Nojiri · 1 year, 5 months ago
  18. 8362dea translate text for 'broken' screen by Daisuke Nojiri · 1 year, 5 months ago origin/stabilize-smaug-7731.B
  19. d853d13 add by Daisuke Nojiri · 1 year, 6 months ago origin/factory-glados-7657.B origin/release-R48-7647.B origin/stabilize-7647.32.B
  20. 3fdee5f Replace remove screen with broken screen in DEFAULT.yaml by Daisuke Nojiri · 1 year, 6 months ago