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  1. 0fa4d70 [OPENMP] Fix failing test. by Alexey Bataev · 15 minutes ago master
  2. ed38176 [OPENMP] Fix handling of OpenMP code during template instantiation. by Alexey Bataev · 39 minutes ago
  3. 9bdffb9 [OPENMP] Move handling of threadprivate vars from the stack, NFC. by Alexey Bataev · 81 minutes ago
  4. 7ca1900 -Wunguarded-availability should support if (@available) checks in top-level by Alex Lorenz · 85 minutes ago
  5. 140708f -Wdocumentation should not check the @returns command for Objective-C by Alex Lorenz · 3 hours ago
  6. 86ab1dc [AST] Look through attribute type locs when searching for function type loc by Alex Lorenz · 3 hours ago
  7. 90d2a69 clang-format: [JS/Java] ignore Objective-C constructs in JS & Java. by Martin Probst · 3 hours ago
  8. 730d18e formatting by Martin Probst · 3 hours ago
  9. 2731f95 clang-format: [JS] prevent wraps before class members. by Martin Probst · 3 hours ago
  10. a530e82 [analyzer] Teach the MallocChecker about Glib API for two arguments by Leslie Zhai · 10 hours ago
  11. f826bb4 [Modules][ObjC] Check definition from canonical decl on designated initializers by Bruno Cardoso Lopes · 11 hours ago
  12. fb77f03 [ubsan] Skip alignment checks on allocas with known alignment by Vedant Kumar · 13 hours ago
  13. b7fb17a [asan] Unconditionally enable GC of globals on COFF. by Evgeniy Stepanov · 15 hours ago
  14. 1b73841 [Hexagon] Handle -O4 when checking optimization level by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 18 hours ago
  15. 50388de [Hexagon] Set -ffp-contract=fast at -O3 unless explicitly specified by Krzysztof Parzyszek · 19 hours ago
  16. cfad1e8 Minor fix for distribute_parallel_for_num_threads_codegen on AARCH64 by Carlo Bertolli · 21 hours ago
  17. 3d4b66d [PGO/tests] Update comment to reflect reality. by Davide Italiano · 22 hours ago
  18. 62a81df Recommit of by Carlo Bertolli · 22 hours ago
  19. 9964f52 [PGO] Update test now that we don't call IndirectCallPromotion. by Davide Italiano · 22 hours ago
  20. 4eaf83f [libclang] Check for a record declaration before a template specialization by Alex Lorenz · 23 hours ago