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MDFInternationalization assists in internationalizing your app or components.

Adding RTL calculations to CGRect and other CGGeometry structures.

A view is conceptually positioned within its superview in terms of leading/trailing. When it's time to actually lay out (i.e. setting frames), you position the frame as you usually would, but if you are in the opposite layout direction you use this code to return a CGRect that has been flipped around its vertical axis.

Mirroring Images

A category on UIImage backports iOS 10's [UIImage imageWithHorizontallyFlippedOrientation] to earlier versions of iOS.

Adding semantic context

A category on UIView backports iOS 9‘s -[UIView semanticContentAttribute] and iOS 10’s -[UIView effectiveUserInterfaceLayoutDirection] to earlier versions of iOS.


See MDCInternationalizationExample for an example of how to use this functionality.


MDFInternationalization is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0.