Add cpu_features GN target

-cpu_features GN target currently in android_sdk/ but only has
android_ndk configs and sources
-Copy the GN target to android_ndk so other repos can be dependent on
android_ndk target without being dependent on android_sdk
-Remove the target in android_sdk in followup CL

Uncovered when trying to add zlib library to V8:

TBR: agrieve since both owners are OOO
Bug: 990407
Change-Id: I1d724e8e0fee50ee546df2c8557632bc14a9a94f
Reviewed-by: Peter Wen <>
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1 file changed
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  4. README.chromium
  6. build/
  7. chromium-patches/
  8. codereview.settings
  9. meta/
  10. ndk-build
  11. ndk-depends
  12. ndk-gdb
  13. ndk-stack
  14. ndk-which
  15. platforms/
  16. prebuilt/
  17. python-packages/
  18. shader-tools/
  19. simpleperf/
  21. sources/
  22. sysroot/
  23. toolchains/

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