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Name: Android Tools (SDK/NDK)
NDK r10c
Android SDK Platform API 22 rev 2
Android SDK Tools 24.1.2
Android SDK Platform-tools 22
Android SDK Build-tools 22
Android SDK Sources 22
Android Support Library 22.1.0
Google Cloud Messaging 3
Security Critical: no
License: Apache Version 2.0
The Android SDK/NDK provide API libraries and developer tools necessary to
build, test and debug for Android.
Local Modifications:
-In ndk/
- Removed old android platforms in platforms/
(anything under android-14)
- Removed GCC 4.6 toolchains in toolchains/
as they are deprecated and no longer used in Chromium.
- Also deleted sources/cxx-stl/gnu-libstdc++/4.6/ for the same reason.
- Edited stlport to force GCC to do "proper" inlining decisions
- Cherry-picked to Arm, Arm64 and Mips
- Cherry-picked
- Cherry-picked
- Cherry-picked
-Cherry-picked more recent version of the aarch64 toolchain containing
-In sdk/
- Included the Android support library and required extras packages
- Removed unused resources from the support library (see
- Updated trace-viewer script to r220 under sdk/tools/systrace.
Steps to update to the latest version of trace-viewer:
git clone
cd chromium-trace
cp script.js style.css $ANDROID_SDK_ROOT/tools/systrace
- Modified sdk/extras/android/support/v7/appcompat/res/layout/abc_alert_dialog_material.xml
by replacing accidental use of *Start *End attributes and making a copy of it in layout-v17/ (see b/20492234)
No other modifications has been made to the public Android SDK/NDK.