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// Copyright 2015 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// RendererGL.h: Defines the class interface for RendererGL.
#include <list>
#include <mutex>
#include "libANGLE/Caps.h"
#include "libANGLE/Error.h"
#include "libANGLE/Version.h"
#include "libANGLE/renderer/gl/renderergl_utils.h"
#include "platform/FeaturesGL_autogen.h"
namespace angle
struct FrontendFeatures;
} // namespace angle
namespace gl
struct IndexRange;
class Path;
class State;
} // namespace gl
namespace egl
class AttributeMap;
} // namespace egl
namespace sh
struct BlockMemberInfo;
} // namespace sh
namespace rx
class BlitGL;
class ClearMultiviewGL;
class ContextImpl;
class DisplayGL;
class FunctionsGL;
class RendererGL;
class StateManagerGL;
// WorkerContext wraps a native GL context shared from the main context. It is used by the workers
// for khr_parallel_shader_compile.
class WorkerContext : angle::NonCopyable
virtual ~WorkerContext() {}
virtual bool makeCurrent() = 0;
virtual void unmakeCurrent() = 0;
class [[nodiscard]] ScopedWorkerContextGL
ScopedWorkerContextGL(RendererGL *renderer, std::string *infoLog);
bool operator()() const;
RendererGL *mRenderer = nullptr;
bool mValid = false;
class RendererGL : angle::NonCopyable
RendererGL(std::unique_ptr<FunctionsGL> functions,
const egl::AttributeMap &attribMap,
DisplayGL *display);
virtual ~RendererGL();
angle::Result flush();
angle::Result finish();
gl::GraphicsResetStatus getResetStatus();
// EXT_debug_marker
void insertEventMarker(GLsizei length, const char *marker);
void pushGroupMarker(GLsizei length, const char *marker);
void popGroupMarker();
// KHR_debug
void pushDebugGroup(GLenum source, GLuint id, const std::string &message);
void popDebugGroup();
GLint getGPUDisjoint();
GLint64 getTimestamp();
const gl::Version &getMaxSupportedESVersion() const;
const FunctionsGL *getFunctions() const { return mFunctions.get(); }
StateManagerGL *getStateManager() const { return mStateManager; }
const angle::FeaturesGL &getFeatures() const { return mFeatures; }
BlitGL *getBlitter() const { return mBlitter; }
ClearMultiviewGL *getMultiviewClearer() const { return mMultiviewClearer; }
MultiviewImplementationTypeGL getMultiviewImplementationType() const;
const gl::Caps &getNativeCaps() const;
const gl::TextureCapsMap &getNativeTextureCaps() const;
const gl::Extensions &getNativeExtensions() const;
const gl::Limitations &getNativeLimitations() const;
ShPixelLocalStorageType getNativePixelLocalStorageType() const;
void initializeFrontendFeatures(angle::FrontendFeatures *features) const;
angle::Result dispatchCompute(const gl::Context *context,
GLuint numGroupsX,
GLuint numGroupsY,
GLuint numGroupsZ);
angle::Result dispatchComputeIndirect(const gl::Context *context, GLintptr indirect);
angle::Result memoryBarrier(GLbitfield barriers);
angle::Result memoryBarrierByRegion(GLbitfield barriers);
bool bindWorkerContext(std::string *infoLog);
void unbindWorkerContext();
// Checks if the driver has the KHR_parallel_shader_compile or ARB_parallel_shader_compile
// extension.
bool hasNativeParallelCompile();
void setMaxShaderCompilerThreads(GLuint count);
static unsigned int getMaxWorkerContexts();
void setNeedsFlushBeforeDeleteTextures();
void flushIfNecessaryBeforeDeleteTextures();
void markWorkSubmitted();
void handleGPUSwitch();
virtual WorkerContext *createWorkerContext(std::string *infoLog) = 0;
void ensureCapsInitialized() const;
void generateCaps(gl::Caps *outCaps,
gl::TextureCapsMap *outTextureCaps,
gl::Extensions *outExtensions,
gl::Limitations *outLimitations) const;
mutable gl::Version mMaxSupportedESVersion;
std::unique_ptr<FunctionsGL> mFunctions;
StateManagerGL *mStateManager;
BlitGL *mBlitter;
ClearMultiviewGL *mMultiviewClearer;
bool mUseDebugOutput;
mutable bool mCapsInitialized;
mutable gl::Caps mNativeCaps;
mutable gl::TextureCapsMap mNativeTextureCaps;
mutable gl::Extensions mNativeExtensions;
mutable gl::Limitations mNativeLimitations;
mutable MultiviewImplementationTypeGL mMultiviewImplementationType;
bool mWorkDoneSinceLastFlush = false;
// The thread-to-context mapping for the currently active worker threads.
angle::HashMap<uint64_t, std::unique_ptr<WorkerContext>> mCurrentWorkerContexts;
// The worker contexts available to use.
std::list<std::unique_ptr<WorkerContext>> mWorkerContextPool;
// Protect the concurrent accesses to worker contexts.
std::mutex mWorkerMutex;
bool mNativeParallelCompileEnabled;
angle::FeaturesGL mFeatures;
// Workaround for
bool mNeedsFlushBeforeDeleteTextures;
} // namespace rx