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# This file is used to manage the ANGLE's dependencies in the Chromium src repo. It is
# used by gclient to determine what version of each dependency to check out, and
# where.
# These deps are duplicated in ANGLE's DEPS file which we use for the standalone
# build. The dual file setup is necessary because Chromium can only recurse into
# a single file and we do not want to import all of ANGLE's standalone DEPS.
# If you make a change to one of these dependencies please also update the
# standalone DEPS file.
vars = {
'android_git': '',
# Current revision of dEQP.
'deqp_revision': '5bc346ba2d5465a2e6094e254f12b1586fd0097f',
# Current revision of glslang, the Khronos SPIRV compiler.
'glslang_revision': '2edde6665d9a56ead5ea0e55b4e64d9a803e6164',
# Current revision fo the SPIRV-Headers Vulkan support library.
'spirv_headers_revision': '98b01515724c428d0f0a5d01deffcce0f5f5e61c',
# Current revision of SPIRV-Tools for Vulkan.
'spirv_tools_revision': '9996173f363729b3a97309685dbd4d78547a63a7',
# Current revision of the Vulkan Validation Layers SDK.
'vulkan_revision': 'd5c8ed406ab2399a80e2847c03aa80b09b269b53',
deps = {
Var('android_git') + '/platform/external/deqp@' + Var('deqp_revision'),
Var('android_git') + '/platform/external/shaderc/glslang@' + Var('glslang_revision'),
Var('android_git') + '/platform/external/shaderc/spirv-headers@' + Var('spirv_headers_revision'),
Var('android_git') + '/platform/external/shaderc/spirv-tools@' + Var('spirv_tools_revision'),
Var('android_git') + '/platform/external/vulkan-validation-layers@' + Var('vulkan_revision'),