libchrome: Uprev the library to r456626 from Chromium

Pulled the latest and greatest version of libchrome from Chromium.

The merge was done against r456626 which corresponds to git commit
08266b3fca707804065a2cfd60331722ade41969 of Mar 14, 2017

Notable changes are:
- base::Bind now supports lambdas but prohibits capture.
- FOR_EACH_OBSERVER macro removed (replaced by use of C++ 11
  range-base for loop)
- LazyInstance instance default initializer has been removed. Code must
  specify leaky or not behavior.
- base::Values no more FundamentalValue
- stl_util moved to base namespace
- path() accessor renamed to GetPath() in ScopedTempDir (and other
- introduction of base::CallbackOnce

Note that crypto/ has not been updated, has it now uses boring_ssl
which cannot coexist with regular openssl.

Test: All unit-tests should still pass.

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