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Development with Cargo

Although this library are built by Android build system officially, we can also build and test the library by cargo.

Building uwb_uci_packets package

The uwb_uci_packets package depends on pdlc and thus simply using cargo build` will fail. Follow the steps below before using cargo.

  1. Enter Android environment by source build/make/; lunch <target>
  2. Run m pdlc to compile the pdlc Rust binary.

After that, we could build or test the package by cargo test --features proto.

Enable logging for a certain test case of uwb_core library

When debugging a certain test case, we could enable the logging and run the single test case.

  1. Add crate::utils::init_test_logging(); at the beginning of the test case
  2. Run the single test case by:
RUST_LOG=debug cargo test -p uwb_core <test_case_name> -- --nocapture

Code Architecture

This section describes the main modules of this library. The modules below are listed in reversed topological order.

The uwb_uci_packets crate

The uwb_uci_packets crate is aimed for encoding and decoding the UCI packets. All the details of the UCI packet format should be encapsulated here. That means, the client of this crate should not be aware of how the UCI messages are constructed to or parsed from raw byte buffers.

The crate is mainly generated from the PDL file. However, in the case where a UCI feature cannot be achieved using PDL alone, a workaround should be created inside this crate to complete this feature (i.e. define structs and implement the parsing methods manually) to encapsulate the details of UCI packet format.

Note that the interface of the workaround should be as close to PDL-generated code as possible.


The params modules defines the parameters types, including UCI, FiRa, and CCC specification.

This module depends on the uwb_uci_packets crate. To prevent the client of this module directly depending on the uwb_uci_packets crate, we re-expose all the needed enums and structs at params/


The uci module is aimed to provide a rust-idiomatic way that implements the UCI interface, such as:

  • Declare meaningful arguments types
  • Create a public method for each UCI command, and wait for its corresponding response
  • Create a callback method for each UCI notification

According to the asynchronous nature of the UCI interface, the UciManager struct provides asynchronous methods using the actor model. For easier usage, the UciManagerSync struct works as a thin synchronous wrapper.

This module depends on the params module.


The session module implements the ranging session-related logic. We support the FiRa and CCC specification here.

This module depends on the params and UCI modules.


The service module is aimed to provide a “top-shim”, the main entry of this library. Similar to the UciManagerSync, the UwbService struct provides a simple synchronous interface to the client of the library. examples/ is a simple example for using the UwbService struct.

If we want to provide the UWB across the process or language boundary, then ProtoUwbService provices a simple wrapper that converts all the arguments and responses to protobuf-encoded byte buffers.

The service module depends on params, uci, and session modules.