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// Copyright (C) 2014 The Android Open Source Project
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <base/macros.h>
#include <base/memory/ref_counted.h>
#include <brillo/errors/error.h>
#include "apmanager/config_adaptor_interface.h"
namespace apmanager {
class Error;
class Device;
class Manager;
class Config {
Config(Manager* manager, int service_identifier);
virtual ~Config();
bool ValidateSsid(Error* error, const std::string& value);
bool ValidateSecurityMode(Error* error, const std::string& value);
bool ValidatePassphrase(Error* error, const std::string& value);
bool ValidateHwMode(Error* error, const std::string& value);
bool ValidateOperationMode(Error* error, const std::string& value);
bool ValidateChannel(Error* error, const uint16_t& value);
// Calculate the frequency based on the given |channel|. Return true and set
// the output |frequency| if is valid channel, false otherwise.
static bool GetFrequencyFromChannel(uint16_t channel, uint32_t* freq);
// Generate a config file string for a hostapd instance. Populate
// |error| when encounter invalid configuration. Return true if success,
// false otherwise.
virtual bool GenerateConfigFile(Error* error, std::string* config_str);
// Claim and release the device needed for this configuration.
virtual bool ClaimDevice();
virtual bool ReleaseDevice();
// Getter and setter for configuration properties.
void SetSsid(const std::string& ssid);
std::string GetSsid() const;
void SetInterfaceName(const std::string& interface_name);
std::string GetInterfaceName() const;
void SetSecurityMode(const std::string& security_mode);
std::string GetSecurityMode() const;
void SetPassphrase(const std::string& passphrase);
std::string GetPassphrase() const;
void SetHwMode(const std::string& hw_mode);
std::string GetHwMode() const;
void SetOperationMode(const std::string& op_mode);
std::string GetOperationMode() const;
void SetChannel(uint16_t channel);
uint16_t GetChannel() const;
void SetHiddenNetwork(bool hidden);
bool GetHiddenNetwork() const;
void SetBridgeInterface(const std::string& interface_name);
std::string GetBridgeInterface() const;
void SetServerAddressIndex(uint16_t);
uint16_t GetServerAddressIndex() const;
void SetFullDeviceControl(bool full_control);
bool GetFullDeviceControl() const;
const std::string& control_interface() const { return control_interface_; }
void set_control_interface(const std::string& control_interface) {
control_interface_ = control_interface;
const std::string& selected_interface() const { return selected_interface_; }
ConfigAdaptorInterface* adaptor() const { return adaptor_.get(); }
// Keys used in hostapd config file.
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyBridgeInterface[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyChannel[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyControlInterface[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyControlInterfaceGroup[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyDriver[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyFragmThreshold[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyHTCapability[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyHwMode[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyIeee80211ac[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyIeee80211n[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyIgnoreBroadcastSsid[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyInterface[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyRsnPairwise[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyRtsThreshold[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeySsid[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyWepDefaultKey[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyWepKey0[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyWpa[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyWpaKeyMgmt[];
static const char kHostapdConfigKeyWpaPassphrase[];
// Hardware mode value for hostapd config file.
static const char kHostapdHwMode80211a[];
static const char kHostapdHwMode80211b[];
static const char kHostapdHwMode80211g[];
// Default hostapd configuration values. User will not be able to configure
// these.
static const char kHostapdDefaultDriver[];
static const char kHostapdDefaultRsnPairwise[];
static const char kHostapdDefaultWpaKeyMgmt[];
static const int kHostapdDefaultFragmThreshold;
static const int kHostapdDefaultRtsThreshold;
// Default config property values.
static const uint16_t kPropertyDefaultChannel;;
static const bool kPropertyDefaultHiddenNetwork;
static const uint16_t kPropertyDefaultServerAddressIndex;
// Constants use for converting channel to frequency.
static const uint16_t kBand24GHzChannelLow;
static const uint16_t kBand24GHzChannelHigh;
static const uint32_t kBand24GHzBaseFrequency;
static const uint16_t kBand5GHzChannelLow;
static const uint16_t kBand5GHzChannelHigh;
static const uint16_t kBand5GHzBaseFrequency;
static const int kSsidMinLength;
static const int kSsidMaxLength;
static const int kPassphraseMinLength;
static const int kPassphraseMaxLength;
// Append default hostapd configurations to the config file.
bool AppendHostapdDefaults(Error* error, std::string* config_str);
// Append hardware mode related configurations to the config file.
bool AppendHwMode(Error* error, std::string* config_str);
// Determine/append interface configuration to the config file.
bool AppendInterface(Error* error, std::string* config_str);
// Append security related configurations to the config file.
bool AppendSecurityMode(Error* error, std::string* config_str);
Manager* manager_;
std::string control_interface_;
// Interface selected for hostapd.
std::string selected_interface_;
scoped_refptr<Device> device_;
std::unique_ptr<ConfigAdaptorInterface> adaptor_;
} // namespace apmanager