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// Copyright (C) 2012 The Android Open Source Project
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <metrics/metrics_library.h>
#include <metrics/timer.h>
#include "shill/connectivity_trial.h"
#include "shill/event_dispatcher.h"
#include "shill/portal_detector.h"
#include "shill/power_manager.h"
#include "shill/refptr_types.h"
#include "shill/service.h"
#if !defined(DISABLE_WIFI)
#include "shill/net/ieee80211.h"
#include "shill/wifi/wake_on_wifi.h"
#endif // DISABLE_WIFI
namespace shill {
class Metrics {
enum WiFiChannel {
kWiFiChannelUndef = 0,
kWiFiChannel2412 = 1,
kWiFiChannelMin24 = kWiFiChannel2412,
kWiFiChannel2417 = 2,
kWiFiChannel2422 = 3,
kWiFiChannel2427 = 4,
kWiFiChannel2432 = 5,
kWiFiChannel2437 = 6,
kWiFiChannel2442 = 7,
kWiFiChannel2447 = 8,
kWiFiChannel2452 = 9,
kWiFiChannel2457 = 10,
kWiFiChannel2462 = 11,
kWiFiChannel2467 = 12,
kWiFiChannel2472 = 13,
kWiFiChannel2484 = 14,
kWiFiChannelMax24 = kWiFiChannel2484,
kWiFiChannel5180 = 15,
kWiFiChannelMin5 = kWiFiChannel5180,
kWiFiChannel5200 = 16,
kWiFiChannel5220 = 17,
kWiFiChannel5240 = 18,
kWiFiChannel5260 = 19,
kWiFiChannel5280 = 20,
kWiFiChannel5300 = 21,
kWiFiChannel5320 = 22,
kWiFiChannel5500 = 23,
kWiFiChannel5520 = 24,
kWiFiChannel5540 = 25,
kWiFiChannel5560 = 26,
kWiFiChannel5580 = 27,
kWiFiChannel5600 = 28,
kWiFiChannel5620 = 29,
kWiFiChannel5640 = 30,
kWiFiChannel5660 = 31,
kWiFiChannel5680 = 32,
kWiFiChannel5700 = 33,
kWiFiChannel5745 = 34,
kWiFiChannel5765 = 35,
kWiFiChannel5785 = 36,
kWiFiChannel5805 = 37,
kWiFiChannel5825 = 38,
kWiFiChannel5170 = 39,
kWiFiChannel5190 = 40,
kWiFiChannel5210 = 41,
kWiFiChannel5230 = 42,
kWiFiChannelMax5 = kWiFiChannel5230,
/* NB: ignore old 11b bands 2312..2372 and 2512..2532 */
/* NB: ignore regulated bands 4920..4980 and 5020..5160 */
enum WiFiFrequencyRange {
kWiFiFrequencyRangeUndef = 0,
kWiFiFrequencyRange24 = 1,
kWiFiFrequencyRange5 = 2,
enum WiFiNetworkPhyMode {
kWiFiNetworkPhyModeUndef = 0, // Unknown/undefined
kWiFiNetworkPhyMode11a = 1, // 802.11a
kWiFiNetworkPhyMode11b = 2, // 802.11b
kWiFiNetworkPhyMode11g = 3, // 802.11g
kWiFiNetworkPhyMode11n = 4, // 802.11n
kWiFiNetworkPhyModeHalf = 5, // PSB Half-width
kWiFiNetworkPhyModeQuarter = 6, // PSB Quarter-width
kWiFiNetworkPhyMode11ac = 7, // 802.11ac
enum EapOuterProtocol {
kEapOuterProtocolUnknown = 0,
kEapOuterProtocolLeap = 1,
kEapOuterProtocolPeap = 2,
kEapOuterProtocolTls = 3,
kEapOuterProtocolTtls = 4,
enum EapInnerProtocol {
kEapInnerProtocolUnknown = 0,
kEapInnerProtocolNone = 1,
kEapInnerProtocolPeapMd5 = 2,
kEapInnerProtocolPeapMschapv2 = 3,
kEapInnerProtocolTtlsEapMd5 = 4,
kEapInnerProtocolTtlsEapMschapv2 = 5,
kEapInnerProtocolTtlsMschapv2 = 6,
kEapInnerProtocolTtlsMschap = 7,
kEapInnerProtocolTtlsPap = 8,
kEapInnerProtocolTtlsChap = 9,
enum WiFiSecurity {
kWiFiSecurityUnknown = 0,
kWiFiSecurityNone = 1,
kWiFiSecurityWep = 2,
kWiFiSecurityWpa = 3,
kWiFiSecurityRsn = 4,
kWiFiSecurity8021x = 5,
kWiFiSecurityPsk = 6,
enum WiFiApMode {
kWiFiApModeUnknown = 0,
kWiFiApModeManaged = 1,
kWiFiApModeAdHoc = 2,
enum PortalResult {
kPortalResultSuccess = 0,
kPortalResultDNSFailure = 1,
kPortalResultDNSTimeout = 2,
kPortalResultConnectionFailure = 3,
kPortalResultConnectionTimeout = 4,
kPortalResultHTTPFailure = 5,
kPortalResultHTTPTimeout = 6,
kPortalResultContentFailure = 7,
kPortalResultContentTimeout = 8,
kPortalResultUnknown = 9,
enum LinkMonitorFailure {
kLinkMonitorMacAddressNotFound = 0,
kLinkMonitorClientStartFailure = 1,
kLinkMonitorTransmitFailure = 2,
kLinkMonitorFailureThresholdReached = 3,
enum WiFiApChannelSwitch {
kWiFiApChannelSwitchUndef = 0,
kWiFiApChannelSwitch24To24 = 1,
kWiFiApChannelSwitch24To5 = 2,
kWiFiApChannelSwitch5To24 = 3,
kWiFiApChannelSwitch5To5 = 4,
enum WiFiAp80211kSupport {
kWiFiAp80211kNone = 0,
kWiFiAp80211kNeighborList = 1,
enum WiFiAp80211rSupport {
kWiFiAp80211rNone = 0,
kWiFiAp80211rOTA = 1,
kWiFiAp80211rOTDS = 2,
enum WiFiAp80211vDMSSupport {
kWiFiAp80211vNoDMS = 0,
kWiFiAp80211vDMS = 1,
enum WiFiAp80211vBSSMaxIdlePeriodSupport {
kWiFiAp80211vNoBSSMaxIdlePeriod = 0,
kWiFiAp80211vBSSMaxIdlePeriod = 1,
enum WiFiAp80211vBSSTransitionSupport {
kWiFiAp80211vNoBSSTransition = 0,
kWiFiAp80211vBSSTransition = 1,
enum WiFiRoamComplete {
kWiFiRoamSuccess = 0,
kWiFiRoamFailure = 1,
enum WiFiStatusType {
enum WiFiDisconnectByWhom {
enum WiFiScanResult {
enum ServiceFixupProfileType {
enum TerminationActionResult {
enum SuspendActionResult {
enum DarkResumeActionResult {
enum DarkResumeUnmatchedScanResultReceived {
kDarkResumeUnmatchedScanResultsReceivedFalse = 0,
kDarkResumeUnmatchedScanResultsReceivedTrue = 1,
enum VerifyWakeOnWiFiSettingsResult {
enum WiFiConnectionStatusAfterWake {
kWiFiConnectionStatusAfterWakeWoWOnConnected = 0,
kWiFiConnectionStatusAfterWakeWoWOnDisconnected = 1,
kWiFiConnectionStatusAfterWakeWoWOffConnected = 2,
kWiFiConnectionStatusAfterWakeWoWOffDisconnected = 3,
enum Cellular3GPPRegistrationDelayedDrop {
kCellular3GPPRegistrationDelayedDropPosted = 0,
kCellular3GPPRegistrationDelayedDropCanceled = 1,
enum CellularDropTechnology {
kCellularDropTechnology1Xrtt = 0,
kCellularDropTechnologyEdge = 1,
kCellularDropTechnologyEvdo = 2,
kCellularDropTechnologyGprs = 3,
kCellularDropTechnologyGsm = 4,
kCellularDropTechnologyHspa = 5,
kCellularDropTechnologyHspaPlus = 6,
kCellularDropTechnologyLte = 7,
kCellularDropTechnologyUmts = 8,
kCellularDropTechnologyUnknown = 9,
enum CellularOutOfCreditsReason {
kCellularOutOfCreditsReasonConnectDisconnectLoop = 0,
kCellularOutOfCreditsReasonTxCongested = 1,
kCellularOutOfCreditsReasonElongatedTimeWait = 2,
enum CorruptedProfile {
kCorruptedProfile = 1,
enum ConnectionDiagnosticsIssue {
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueIPCollision = 0,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueRouting = 1,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueHTTPBrokenPortal = 2,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueDNSServerMisconfig = 3,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueDNSServerNoResponse = 4,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueNoDNSServersConfigured = 5,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueDNSServersInvalid = 6,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueNone = 7,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueCaptivePortal = 8,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueGatewayUpstream = 9,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueGatewayNotResponding = 10,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueServerNotResponding = 11,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueGatewayArpFailed = 12,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueServerArpFailed = 13,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueInternalError = 14,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueGatewayNoNeighborEntry = 15,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueServerNoNeighborEntry = 16,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueGatewayNeighborEntryNotConnected = 17,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssueServerNeighborEntryNotConnected = 18,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssuePlaceholder1 = 19,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssuePlaceholder2 = 20,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssuePlaceholder3 = 21,
kConnectionDiagnosticsIssuePlaceholder4 = 22,
enum VpnDriver {
kVpnDriverOpenVpn = 0,
kVpnDriverL2tpIpsec = 1,
kVpnDriverThirdParty = 2,
kVpnDriverArc = 3,
enum VpnRemoteAuthenticationType {
kVpnRemoteAuthenticationTypeOpenVpnDefault = 0,
kVpnRemoteAuthenticationTypeOpenVpnCertificate = 1,
kVpnRemoteAuthenticationTypeL2tpIpsecDefault = 2,
kVpnRemoteAuthenticationTypeL2tpIpsecCertificate = 3,
kVpnRemoteAuthenticationTypeL2tpIpsecPsk = 4,
enum VpnUserAuthenticationType {
kVpnUserAuthenticationTypeOpenVpnNone = 0,
kVpnUserAuthenticationTypeOpenVpnCertificate = 1,
kVpnUserAuthenticationTypeOpenVpnUsernamePassword = 2,
kVpnUserAuthenticationTypeOpenVpnUsernamePasswordOtp = 3,
kVpnUserAuthenticationTypeOpenVpnUsernameToken = 7,
kVpnUserAuthenticationTypeL2tpIpsecNone = 4,
kVpnUserAuthenticationTypeL2tpIpsecCertificate = 5,
kVpnUserAuthenticationTypeL2tpIpsecUsernamePassword = 6,
enum UserInitiatedEvent {
kUserInitiatedEventWifiScan = 0,
enum UserInitiatedConnectionResult {
kUserInitiatedConnectionResultSuccess = 0,
kUserInitiatedConnectionResultFailure = 1,
kUserInitiatedConnectionResultAborted = 2,
enum DNSTestResult {
kFallbackDNSTestResultSuccess = 0,
// Network problem detected by traffic monitor.
enum NetworkProblem {
kNetworkProblemCongestedTCPTxQueue = 0,
// Device's connection status.
enum ConnectionStatus {
kConnectionStatusOffline = 0,
kConnectionStatusConnected = 1,
kConnectionStatusOnline = 2,
enum UserInitiatedConnectionFailureReason {
kUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReasonUnknown = 0,
kUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReasonBadPassphrase = 1,
kUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReasonBadWEPKey = 2,
kUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReasonConnect = 3,
kUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReasonDHCP = 4,
kUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReasonDNSLookup = 5,
kUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReasonEAPAuthentication = 6,
kUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReasonEAPLocalTLS = 7,
kUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReasonEAPRemoteTLS = 8,
kUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReasonOutOfRange = 9,
kUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReasonPinMissing = 10,
enum DhcpClientStatus {
kDhcpClientStatusArpGateway = 0,
kDhcpClientStatusArpSelf = 1,
kDhcpClientStatusBound = 2,
kDhcpClientStatusDiscover = 3,
kDhcpClientStatusIgnoreAdditionalOffer = 4,
kDhcpClientStatusIgnoreFailedOffer = 5,
kDhcpClientStatusIgnoreInvalidOffer = 6,
kDhcpClientStatusIgnoreNonOffer = 7,
kDhcpClientStatusInform = 8,
kDhcpClientStatusInit = 9,
kDhcpClientStatusNakDefer = 10,
kDhcpClientStatusRebind = 11,
kDhcpClientStatusReboot = 12,
kDhcpClientStatusRelease = 13,
kDhcpClientStatusRenew = 14,
kDhcpClientStatusRequest = 15,
enum NetworkConnectionIPType {
kNetworkConnectionIPTypeIPv4 = 0,
kNetworkConnectionIPTypeIPv6 = 1,
enum IPv6ConnectivityStatus {
kIPv6ConnectivityStatusNo = 0,
kIPv6ConnectivityStatusYes = 1,
enum DevicePresenceStatus {
kDevicePresenceStatusNo = 0,
kDevicePresenceStatusYes = 1,
enum DeviceTechnologyType {
kDeviceTechnologyTypeUnknown = 0,
kDeviceTechnologyTypeEthernet = 1,
kDeviceTechnologyTypeWifi = 2,
kDeviceTechnologyTypeWimax = 3,
kDeviceTechnologyTypeCellular = 4,
enum NetworkServiceError {
kNetworkServiceErrorUnknown = 0,
kNetworkServiceErrorAAA = 1,
kNetworkServiceErrorActivation = 2,
kNetworkServiceErrorBadPassphrase = 3,
kNetworkServiceErrorBadWEPKey = 4,
kNetworkServiceErrorConnect = 5,
kNetworkServiceErrorDHCP = 6,
kNetworkServiceErrorDNSLookup = 7,
kNetworkServiceErrorEAPAuthentication = 8,
kNetworkServiceErrorEAPLocalTLS = 9,
kNetworkServiceErrorEAPRemoteTLS = 10,
kNetworkServiceErrorHTTPGet = 11,
kNetworkServiceErrorIPSecCertAuth = 12,
kNetworkServiceErrorIPSecPSKAuth = 13,
kNetworkServiceErrorInternal = 14,
kNetworkServiceErrorNeedEVDO = 15,
kNetworkServiceErrorNeedHomeNetwork = 16,
kNetworkServiceErrorOTASP = 17,
kNetworkServiceErrorOutOfRange = 18,
kNetworkServiceErrorPPPAuth = 19,
kNetworkServiceErrorPinMissing = 20,
enum WakeOnWiFiFeaturesEnabledState {
kWakeOnWiFiFeaturesEnabledStateNone = 0,
kWakeOnWiFiFeaturesEnabledStatePacket = 1,
kWakeOnWiFiFeaturesEnabledStateDarkConnect = 2,
kWakeOnWiFiFeaturesEnabledStatePacketDarkConnect = 3,
enum WakeOnWiFiThrottled {
kWakeOnWiFiThrottledFalse = 0,
kWakeOnWiFiThrottledTrue = 1,
enum WakeReasonReceivedBeforeOnDarkResume {
kWakeReasonReceivedBeforeOnDarkResumeFalse = 0,
kWakeReasonReceivedBeforeOnDarkResumeTrue = 1,
enum DarkResumeWakeReason {
kDarkResumeWakeReasonUnsupported = 0,
kDarkResumeWakeReasonPattern = 1,
kDarkResumeWakeReasonDisconnect = 2,
kDarkResumeWakeReasonSSID = 3,
enum DarkResumeScanType {
kDarkResumeScanTypeActive = 0,
kDarkResumeScanTypePassive = 1,
enum DarkResumeScanRetryResult {
kDarkResumeScanRetryResultNotConnected = 0,
kDarkResumeScanRetryResultConnected = 1,
static const char kMetricDisconnectSuffix[];
static const int kMetricDisconnectMax;
static const int kMetricDisconnectMin;
static const int kMetricDisconnectNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricSignalAtDisconnectSuffix[];
static const int kMetricSignalAtDisconnectMin;
static const int kMetricSignalAtDisconnectMax;
static const int kMetricSignalAtDisconnectNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricNetworkApModeSuffix[];
static const char kMetricNetworkChannelSuffix[];
static const int kMetricNetworkChannelMax;
static const char kMetricNetworkEapInnerProtocolSuffix[];
static const int kMetricNetworkEapInnerProtocolMax;
static const char kMetricNetworkEapOuterProtocolSuffix[];
static const int kMetricNetworkEapOuterProtocolMax;
static const char kMetricNetworkPhyModeSuffix[];
static const int kMetricNetworkPhyModeMax;
static const char kMetricNetworkSecuritySuffix[];
static const int kMetricNetworkSecurityMax;
static const char kMetricNetworkServiceErrors[];
static const char kMetricNetworkSignalStrengthSuffix[];
static const int kMetricNetworkSignalStrengthMin;
static const int kMetricNetworkSignalStrengthMax;
static const int kMetricNetworkSignalStrengthNumBuckets;
// Histogram parameters for next two are the same as for
// kMetricRememberedWiFiNetworkCount. Must be constexpr, for static
// checking of format string. Must be defined inline, for constexpr.
static constexpr char
kMetricRememberedSystemWiFiNetworkCountBySecurityModeFormat[] =
static constexpr char
kMetricRememberedUserWiFiNetworkCountBySecurityModeFormat[] =
static const char kMetricRememberedWiFiNetworkCount[];
static const int kMetricRememberedWiFiNetworkCountMin;
static const int kMetricRememberedWiFiNetworkCountMax;
static const int kMetricRememberedWiFiNetworkCountNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricTimeOnlineSecondsSuffix[];
static const int kMetricTimeOnlineSecondsMax;
static const int kMetricTimeOnlineSecondsMin;
static const int kMetricTimeOnlineSecondsNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricTimeResumeToReadyMillisecondsSuffix[];
static const char kMetricTimeToConfigMillisecondsSuffix[];
static const char kMetricTimeToConnectMillisecondsSuffix[];
static const int kMetricTimeToConnectMillisecondsMax;
static const int kMetricTimeToConnectMillisecondsMin;
static const int kMetricTimeToConnectMillisecondsNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricTimeToScanAndConnectMillisecondsSuffix[];
static const char kMetricTimeToDropSeconds[];
static const int kMetricTimeToDropSecondsMax;
static const int kMetricTimeToDropSecondsMin;
static const char kMetricTimeToDisableMillisecondsSuffix[];
static const int kMetricTimeToDisableMillisecondsMax;
static const int kMetricTimeToDisableMillisecondsMin;
static const int kMetricTimeToDisableMillisecondsNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricTimeToEnableMillisecondsSuffix[];
static const int kMetricTimeToEnableMillisecondsMax;
static const int kMetricTimeToEnableMillisecondsMin;
static const int kMetricTimeToEnableMillisecondsNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricTimeToInitializeMillisecondsSuffix[];
static const int kMetricTimeToInitializeMillisecondsMax;
static const int kMetricTimeToInitializeMillisecondsMin;
static const int kMetricTimeToInitializeMillisecondsNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricTimeToJoinMillisecondsSuffix[];
static const char kMetricTimeToOnlineMillisecondsSuffix[];
static const char kMetricTimeToPortalMillisecondsSuffix[];
static const char kMetricTimeToScanMillisecondsSuffix[];
static const int kMetricTimeToScanMillisecondsMax;
static const int kMetricTimeToScanMillisecondsMin;
static const int kMetricTimeToScanMillisecondsNumBuckets;
static const int kTimerHistogramMillisecondsMax;
static const int kTimerHistogramMillisecondsMin;
static const int kTimerHistogramNumBuckets;
// The 4 histograms below track the time spent in suspended
// state for each of the 4 scenarios in WiFiConnectionStatusAfterWake
// We consider it normal that wifi disconnects after a resume after
// a long time spent in suspend, but not after a short time.
// See bug chromium:614790.
static const char kMetricSuspendDurationWoWOnConnected[];
static const char kMetricSuspendDurationWoWOnDisconnected[];
static const char kMetricSuspendDurationWoWOffConnected[];
static const char kMetricSuspendDurationWoWOffDisconnected[];
static const int kSuspendDurationMin;
static const int kSuspendDurationMax;
static const int kSuspendDurationNumBuckets;
// The number of portal detections attempted for each pass.
// This includes both failure/timeout attempts and successful attempt
// (if any).
static const char kMetricPortalAttemptsSuffix[];
static const int kMetricPortalAttemptsMax;
static const int kMetricPortalAttemptsMin;
static const int kMetricPortalAttemptsNumBuckets;
// The total number of portal detections attempted between the Connected
// state and the Online state. This includes both failure/timeout attempts
// and the final successful attempt.
static const char kMetricPortalAttemptsToOnlineSuffix[];
static const int kMetricPortalAttemptsToOnlineMax;
static const int kMetricPortalAttemptsToOnlineMin;
static const int kMetricPortalAttemptsToOnlineNumBuckets;
// The result of the portal detection.
static const char kMetricPortalResultSuffix[];
// Wifi connection frequencies.
static const char kMetricFrequenciesConnectedEver[];
static const int kMetricFrequenciesConnectedMax;
static const int kMetricFrequenciesConnectedMin;
static const int kMetricFrequenciesConnectedNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricScanResult[];
static const char kMetricWiFiScanTimeInEbusyMilliseconds[];
static const char kMetricPowerManagerKey[];
// LinkMonitor statistics.
static const char kMetricLinkMonitorFailureSuffix[];
static const char kMetricLinkMonitorResponseTimeSampleSuffix[];
static const int kMetricLinkMonitorResponseTimeSampleMin;
static const int kMetricLinkMonitorResponseTimeSampleMax;
static const int kMetricLinkMonitorResponseTimeSampleNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricLinkMonitorSecondsToFailureSuffix[];
static const int kMetricLinkMonitorSecondsToFailureMin;
static const int kMetricLinkMonitorSecondsToFailureMax;
static const int kMetricLinkMonitorSecondsToFailureNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricLinkMonitorBroadcastErrorsAtFailureSuffix[];
static const char kMetricLinkMonitorUnicastErrorsAtFailureSuffix[];
static const int kMetricLinkMonitorErrorCountMin;
static const int kMetricLinkMonitorErrorCountMax;
static const int kMetricLinkMonitorErrorCountNumBuckets;
// Signal strength when link becomes unreliable (multiple link monitor
// failures in short period of time).
static const char kMetricUnreliableLinkSignalStrengthSuffix[];
static const int kMetricServiceSignalStrengthMin;
static const int kMetricServiceSignalStrengthMax;
static const int kMetricServiceSignalStrengthNumBuckets;
// AP 802.11r/k/v support statistics.
static const char kMetricAp80211kSupport[];
static const char kMetricAp80211rSupport[];
static const char kMetricAp80211vDMSSupport[];
static const char kMetricAp80211vBSSMaxIdlePeriodSupport[];
static const char kMetricAp80211vBSSTransitionSupport[];
static const char kMetricLinkClientDisconnectReason[];
static const char kMetricLinkApDisconnectReason[];
static const char kMetricLinkClientDisconnectType[];
static const char kMetricLinkApDisconnectType[];
// Roam time for FT and non-FT key management suites.
static const char kMetricWifiRoamTimePrefix[];
static const int kMetricWifiRoamTimeMillisecondsMax;
static const int kMetricWifiRoamTimeMillisecondsMin;
static const int kMetricWifiRoamTimeNumBuckets;
// Roam completions for FT and non-FT key management suites.
static const char kMetricWifiRoamCompletePrefix[];
// Session Lengths for FT and non-FT key management suites.
static const char kMetricWifiSessionLengthPrefix[];
static const int kMetricWifiSessionLengthMillisecondsMax;
static const int kMetricWifiSessionLengthMillisecondsMin;
static const int kMetricWifiSessionLengthNumBuckets;
// Suffixes for roam histograms.
static const char kMetricWifiPSKSuffix[];
static const char kMetricWifiFTPSKSuffix[];
static const char kMetricWifiEAPSuffix[];
static const char kMetricWifiFTEAPSuffix[];
static const char kMetricApChannelSwitch[];
// Shill termination action statistics.
static const char kMetricTerminationActionTimeTaken[];
static const char kMetricTerminationActionResult[];
static const int kMetricTerminationActionTimeTakenMillisecondsMax;
static const int kMetricTerminationActionTimeTakenMillisecondsMin;
// Shill suspend action statistics.
static const char kMetricSuspendActionTimeTaken[];
static const char kMetricSuspendActionResult[];
static const int kMetricSuspendActionTimeTakenMillisecondsMax;
static const int kMetricSuspendActionTimeTakenMillisecondsMin;
// Shill dark resume action statistics.
static const char kMetricDarkResumeActionTimeTaken[];
static const char kMetricDarkResumeActionResult[];
static const int kMetricDarkResumeActionTimeTakenMillisecondsMax;
static const int kMetricDarkResumeActionTimeTakenMillisecondsMin;
static const char kMetricDarkResumeUnmatchedScanResultReceived[];
// Shill wake on WiFi feature state statistics.
static const char kMetricWakeOnWiFiFeaturesEnabledState[];
// The result of NIC wake on WiFi settings verification.
static const char kMetricVerifyWakeOnWiFiSettingsResult[];
static const char kMetricWiFiConnectionStatusAfterWake[];
// Whether or not wake on WiFi was throttled during the last suspend.
static const char kMetricWakeOnWiFiThrottled[];
// Whether or not a wakeup reason was received before WakeOnWiFi::OnDarkResume
// executes.
static const char kMetricWakeReasonReceivedBeforeOnDarkResume[];
static const char kMetricDarkResumeWakeReason[];
static const char kMetricDarkResumeScanType[];
static const char kMetricDarkResumeScanRetryResult[];
static const char kMetricDarkResumeScanNumRetries[];
static const int kMetricDarkResumeScanNumRetriesMax;
static const int kMetricDarkResumeScanNumRetriesMin;
// WiFiService Entry Fixup.
static const char kMetricServiceFixupEntriesSuffix[];
// Cellular specific statistics.
static const char kMetricCellular3GPPRegistrationDelayedDrop[];
static const char kMetricCellularAutoConnectTries[];
static const int kMetricCellularAutoConnectTriesMax;
static const int kMetricCellularAutoConnectTriesMin;
static const int kMetricCellularAutoConnectTriesNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricCellularAutoConnectTotalTime[];
static const int kMetricCellularAutoConnectTotalTimeMax;
static const int kMetricCellularAutoConnectTotalTimeMin;
static const int kMetricCellularAutoConnectTotalTimeNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricCellularDrop[];
static const char kMetricCellularDropsPerHour[];
static const int kMetricCellularDropsPerHourMax;
static const int kMetricCellularDropsPerHourMin;
static const int kMetricCellularDropsPerHourNumBuckets;
static const char kMetricCellularFailure[];
static const int kMetricCellularConnectionFailure;
static const int kMetricCellularDisconnectionFailure;
static const int kMetricCellularMaxFailure;
static const char kMetricCellularOutOfCreditsReason[];
static const char kMetricCellularSignalStrengthBeforeDrop[];
static const int kMetricCellularSignalStrengthBeforeDropMax;
static const int kMetricCellularSignalStrengthBeforeDropMin;
static const int kMetricCellularSignalStrengthBeforeDropNumBuckets;
// Profile statistics.
static const char kMetricCorruptedProfile[];
// VPN connection statistics.
static const char kMetricVpnDriver[];
static const int kMetricVpnDriverMax;
static const char kMetricVpnRemoteAuthenticationType[];
static const int kMetricVpnRemoteAuthenticationTypeMax;
static const char kMetricVpnUserAuthenticationType[];
static const int kMetricVpnUserAuthenticationTypeMax;
// The length in seconds of a lease that has expired while the DHCP
// client was attempting to renew the lease..
static const char kMetricExpiredLeaseLengthSecondsSuffix[];
static const int kMetricExpiredLeaseLengthSecondsMax;
static const int kMetricExpiredLeaseLengthSecondsMin;
static const int kMetricExpiredLeaseLengthSecondsNumBuckets;
// Number of wifi services available when auto-connect is initiated.
static const char kMetricWifiAutoConnectableServices[];
static const int kMetricWifiAutoConnectableServicesMax;
static const int kMetricWifiAutoConnectableServicesMin;
static const int kMetricWifiAutoConnectableServicesNumBuckets;
// Number of BSSes available for a wifi service when we attempt to connect
// to that service.
static const char kMetricWifiAvailableBSSes[];
static const int kMetricWifiAvailableBSSesMax;
static const int kMetricWifiAvailableBSSesMin;
static const int kMetricWifiAvailableBSSesNumBuckets;
// Reason that the mac80211 TX queue is stopped.
static const char kMetricWifiStoppedTxQueueReason[];
// Maximal queue length amongst all stopped mac80211 TX queues.
static const char kMetricWifiStoppedTxQueueLength[];
static const int kMetricWifiStoppedTxQueueLengthMax;
static const int kMetricWifiStoppedTxQueueLengthMin;
static const int kMetricWifiStoppedTxQueueLengthNumBuckets;
// Number of services associated with currently connected network.
static const char kMetricServicesOnSameNetwork[];
static const int kMetricServicesOnSameNetworkMax;
static const int kMetricServicesOnSameNetworkMin;
static const int kMetricServicesOnSameNetworkNumBuckets;
// Metric for user-initiated events.
static const char kMetricUserInitiatedEvents[];
// Wifi TX bitrate in Mbps.
static const char kMetricWifiTxBitrate[];
static const int kMetricWifiTxBitrateMax;
static const int kMetricWifiTxBitrateMin;
static const int kMetricWifiTxBitrateNumBuckets;
// User-initiated wifi connection attempt result.
static const char kMetricWifiUserInitiatedConnectionResult[];
// The reason of failed user-initiated wifi connection attempt.
static const char kMetricWifiUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReason[];
// DNS test result.
static const char kMetricFallbackDNSTestResultSuffix[];
// Network problem detected by traffic monitor
static const char kMetricNetworkProblemDetectedSuffix[];
// Device's connection status.
static const char kMetricDeviceConnectionStatus[];
// DHCP client status.
static const char kMetricDhcpClientStatus[];
// Assigned MTU values, both from DHCP and PPP.
static const char kMetricDhcpClientMTUValue[];
static const char kMetricPPPMTUValue[];
// Network connection IP type.
static const char kMetricNetworkConnectionIPTypeSuffix[];
// IPv6 connectivity status.
static const char kMetricIPv6ConnectivityStatusSuffix[];
// Device presence.
static const char kMetricDevicePresenceStatusSuffix[];
// Device removal event.
static const char kMetricDeviceRemovedEvent[];
// Connection diagnostics issue.
static const char kMetricConnectionDiagnosticsIssue[];
explicit Metrics(EventDispatcher* dispatcher);
virtual ~Metrics();
// Converts the WiFi frequency into the associated UMA channel enumerator.
static WiFiChannel WiFiFrequencyToChannel(uint16_t frequency);
// Converts WiFi Channel to the associated frequency range.
static WiFiFrequencyRange WiFiChannelToFrequencyRange(WiFiChannel channel);
// Converts a flimflam security string into its UMA security enumerator.
static WiFiSecurity WiFiSecurityStringToEnum(const std::string& security);
// Converts a flimflam AP mode string into its UMA AP mode enumerator.
static WiFiApMode WiFiApModeStringToEnum(const std::string& ap_mode);
// Converts a flimflam EAP outer protocol string into its UMA enumerator.
static EapOuterProtocol EapOuterProtocolStringToEnum(
const std::string& outer);
// Converts a flimflam EAP inner protocol string into its UMA enumerator.
static EapInnerProtocol EapInnerProtocolStringToEnum(
const std::string& inner);
// Converts portal detection result to UMA portal result enumerator.
static PortalResult PortalDetectionResultToEnum(
const PortalDetector::Result& result);
// Starts this object. Call this during initialization.
virtual void Start();
// Stops this object. Call this during cleanup.
virtual void Stop();
// Registers a service with this object so it can use the timers to track
// state transition metrics.
void RegisterService(const Service& service);
// Deregisters the service from this class. All state transition timers
// will be removed.
void DeregisterService(const Service& service);
// Tracks the time it takes |service| to go from |start_state| to
// |stop_state|. When |stop_state| is reached, the time is sent to UMA.
virtual void AddServiceStateTransitionTimer(
const Service& service, const std::string& histogram_name,
Service::ConnectState start_state, Service::ConnectState stop_state);
// Specializes |metric_suffix| for the specified |technology_id|.
std::string GetFullMetricName(const char* metric_suffix,
Technology::Identifier technology_id);
std::string GetSuspendDurationMetricNameFromStatus(
WiFiConnectionStatusAfterWake status);
// Notifies this object that the default service has changed.
// |service| is the new default service.
virtual void NotifyDefaultServiceChanged(const Service* service);
// Notifies this object that |service| state has changed.
virtual void NotifyServiceStateChanged(const Service& service,
Service::ConnectState new_state);
// Notifies this object that |service| has been disconnected.
void NotifyServiceDisconnect(const Service& service);
// Notifies this object of power at disconnect.
void NotifySignalAtDisconnect(const Service& service,
int16_t signal_strength);
// Notifies this object of the end of a suspend attempt.
void NotifySuspendDone();
// Notifies this object of the current wake on WiFi features enabled
// represented by the WakeOnWiFiFeaturesEnabledState |state|.
void NotifyWakeOnWiFiFeaturesEnabledState(
WakeOnWiFiFeaturesEnabledState state);
// Notifies this object of the result of NIC wake on WiFi settings
// verification.
virtual void NotifyVerifyWakeOnWiFiSettingsResult(
VerifyWakeOnWiFiSettingsResult result);
// Notifies this object of whether or not the WiFi device is connected to a
// service after waking from suspend.
virtual void NotifyConnectedToServiceAfterWake(
WiFiConnectionStatusAfterWake status);
// Notifies this object that termination actions started executing.
void NotifyTerminationActionsStarted();
// Notifies this object that termination actions have been completed.
// |success| is true, if the termination actions completed successfully.
void NotifyTerminationActionsCompleted(bool success);
virtual void NotifySuspendDurationAfterWake(
WiFiConnectionStatusAfterWake status, int seconds_in_suspend);
// Notifies this object that suspend actions started executing.
void NotifySuspendActionsStarted();
// Notifies this object that suspend actions have been completed.
// |success| is true, if the suspend actions completed successfully.
void NotifySuspendActionsCompleted(bool success);
// Notifies this object that dark resume actions started executing.
void NotifyDarkResumeActionsStarted();
// Notifies this object that dark resume actions have been completed.
// |success| is true, if the dark resume actions completed successfully.
void NotifyDarkResumeActionsCompleted(bool success);
// Notifies this object that a scan has been initiated by shill while in dark
// resume.
virtual void NotifyDarkResumeInitiateScan();
// Notifies this object that a scan results have been received in dark resume.
void NotifyDarkResumeScanResultsReceived();
// Notifies this object of a failure in LinkMonitor.
void NotifyLinkMonitorFailure(
Technology::Identifier technology,
LinkMonitorFailure failure,
int seconds_to_failure,
int broadcast_error_count,
int unicast_error_count);
// Notifies this object that LinkMonitor has added a response time sample
// for |connection| with a value of |response_time_milliseconds|.
void NotifyLinkMonitorResponseTimeSampleAdded(
Technology::Identifier technology,
int response_time_milliseconds);
// Notifies this object that an AP was discovered and of that AP's 802.11k
// support.
void NotifyAp80211kSupport(bool neighbor_list_supported);
// Notifies this object that an AP was discovered and of that AP's 802.11r
// support.
void NotifyAp80211rSupport(bool ota_ft_supported, bool otds_ft_supported);
// Notifies this object that an AP was discovered and of that AP's 802.11v
// DMS support.
void NotifyAp80211vDMSSupport(bool dms_supported);
// Notifies this object that an AP was discovered and of that AP's 802.11v
// BSS Max Idle Period support.
void NotifyAp80211vBSSMaxIdlePeriodSupport(
bool bss_max_idle_period_supported);
// Notifies this object that an AP was discovered and of that AP's 802.11v
// BSS Transition support.
void NotifyAp80211vBSSTransitionSupport(bool bss_transition_supported);
#if !defined(DISABLE_WIFI)
// Notifies this object of WiFi disconnect.
virtual void Notify80211Disconnect(WiFiDisconnectByWhom by_whom,
IEEE_80211::WiFiReasonCode reason);
#endif // DISABLE_WIFI
// Notifies this object that an AP has switched channels.
void NotifyApChannelSwitch(uint16_t frequency, uint16_t new_frequency);
// Registers a device with this object so the device can use the timers to
// track state transition metrics.
void RegisterDevice(int interface_index,
Technology::Identifier technology);
// Checks to see if the device has already been registered.
bool IsDeviceRegistered(int interface_index,
Technology::Identifier technology);
// Deregisters the device from this class. All state transition timers
// will be removed.
virtual void DeregisterDevice(int interface_index);
// Notifies this object that a device has been initialized.
void NotifyDeviceInitialized(int interface_index);
// Notifies this object that a device has started the enable process.
void NotifyDeviceEnableStarted(int interface_index);
// Notifies this object that a device has completed the enable process.
void NotifyDeviceEnableFinished(int interface_index);
// Notifies this object that a device has started the disable process.
void NotifyDeviceDisableStarted(int interface_index);
// Notifies this object that a device has completed the disable process.
void NotifyDeviceDisableFinished(int interface_index);
// Notifies this object that a device has started the scanning process.
virtual void NotifyDeviceScanStarted(int interface_index);
// Notifies this object that a device has completed the scanning process.
virtual void NotifyDeviceScanFinished(int interface_index);
// Terminates an underway scan (does nothing if a scan wasn't underway).
virtual void ResetScanTimer(int interface_index);
// Notifies this object that a device has started the connect process.
virtual void NotifyDeviceConnectStarted(int interface_index,
bool is_auto_connecting);
// Notifies this object that a device has completed the connect process.
virtual void NotifyDeviceConnectFinished(int interface_index);
// Resets both the connect_timer and the scan_connect_timer the timer (the
// latter so that a future connect will not erroneously be associated with
// the previous scan).
virtual void ResetConnectTimer(int interface_index);
// Notifies this object that a cellular device has been dropped by the
// network.
void NotifyCellularDeviceDrop(const std::string& network_technology,
uint16_t signal_strength);
// Notifies this object about 3GPP registration drop events.
virtual void Notify3GPPRegistrationDelayedDropPosted();
virtual void Notify3GPPRegistrationDelayedDropCanceled();
// Notifies this object about a cellular connection failure.
void NotifyCellularDeviceConnectionFailure();
// Notifies this object about a cellular disconnection failure.
void NotifyCellularDeviceDisconnectionFailure();
// Notifies this object that a cellular service has been marked as
// out-of-credits.
void NotifyCellularOutOfCredits(Metrics::CellularOutOfCreditsReason reason);
// Notifies this object about number of wifi services available for auto
// connect when auto-connect is initiated.
virtual void NotifyWifiAutoConnectableServices(int num_services);
// Notifies this object about number of BSSes available for a wifi service
// when attempt to connect to that service.
virtual void NotifyWifiAvailableBSSes(int num_services);
// Notifies this object about number of services associated to the
// currently connected network.
virtual void NotifyServicesOnSameNetwork(int num_services);
// Notifies this object about WIFI TX bitrate in Mbps.
virtual void NotifyWifiTxBitrate(int bitrate);
// Notifies this object about the result of user-initiated connection
// attempt.
virtual void NotifyUserInitiatedConnectionResult(const std::string& name,
int result);
// Notifies this object about the reason of failed user-initiated connection
// attempt.
virtual void NotifyUserInitiatedConnectionFailureReason(
const std::string& name, const Service::ConnectFailure failure);
// Notifies this object about a corrupted profile.
virtual void NotifyCorruptedProfile();
// Notifies this object about user-initiated event.
virtual void NotifyUserInitiatedEvent(int event);
// Notifies this object about the result of the fallback DNS test.
virtual void NotifyFallbackDNSTestResult(Technology::Identifier technology_id,
int result);
// Notifies this object about a network problem detected on the currently
// connected network.
virtual void NotifyNetworkProblemDetected(
Technology::Identifier technology_id, int reason);
// Notifies this object about current connection status (online vs offline).
virtual void NotifyDeviceConnectionStatus(Metrics::ConnectionStatus status);
// Notifies this object about the DHCP client status.
virtual void NotifyDhcpClientStatus(Metrics::DhcpClientStatus status);
// Notifies this object about the IP type of the current network connection.
virtual void NotifyNetworkConnectionIPType(
Technology::Identifier technology_id, NetworkConnectionIPType type);
// Notifies this object about the IPv6 connectivity status.
virtual void NotifyIPv6ConnectivityStatus(
Technology::Identifier technology_id, bool status);
// Notifies this object about the presence of given technology type device.
virtual void NotifyDevicePresenceStatus(Technology::Identifier technology_id,
bool status);
// Notifies this object about the signal strength when link is unreliable.
virtual void NotifyUnreliableLinkSignalStrength(
Technology::Identifier technology_id, int signal_strength);
// Sends linear histogram data to UMA.
virtual bool SendEnumToUMA(const std::string& name, int sample, int max);
// Send histogram data to UMA.
virtual bool SendToUMA(const std::string& name, int sample, int min,
int max, int num_buckets);
// Sends sparse histogram data to UMA.
virtual bool SendSparseToUMA(const std::string& name, int sample);
// Notifies this object that wake on WiFi has been disabled because of
// excessive dark resume wakes.
virtual void NotifyWakeOnWiFiThrottled();
// Notifies this object that shill has resumed from a period of suspension
// where wake on WiFi functionality was enabled on the NIC.
virtual void NotifySuspendWithWakeOnWiFiEnabledDone();
// Notifies this object that a wakeup reason has been received.
virtual void NotifyWakeupReasonReceived();
#if !defined(DISABLE_WIFI)
// Notifies this object that WakeOnWiFi::OnDarkResume has begun executing,
// and that the dark resume was caused by |reason|.
virtual void NotifyWakeOnWiFiOnDarkResume(
WakeOnWiFi::WakeOnWiFiTrigger reason);
#endif // DISABLE_WIFI
// Notifies this object that a scan was started in dark resume. If
// |is_active_scan| is true, the scan started was an active scan. Otherwise
// the scan started was a passive scan.
// Note: Metrics::NotifyDarkResumeInitiateScan is called when shill initiates
// a scan in dark resume, while Metrics::NotifyScanStartedInDarkResume is
// called when the kernel notifies shill that a scan (shill-initiated or not)
// has actually started.
virtual void NotifyScanStartedInDarkResume(bool is_active_scan);
// Notifies this object that a dark resume scan retry was launched.
virtual void NotifyDarkResumeScanRetry();
// Notifies this object that shill is about to suspend and is executing
// WakeOnWiFi::BeforeSuspendActions. |is_connected| indicates whether shill
// was connected before suspending, and |in_dark_resume| indicates whether
// shill is current in dark resume.
// Note: this will only be called if wake on WiFi is supported and enabled.
virtual void NotifyBeforeSuspendActions(bool is_connected,
bool in_dark_resume);
// Notifies this object that connection diagnostics have been performed, and
// the connection issue that was diagnosed is |issue|.
virtual void NotifyConnectionDiagnosticsIssue(
const std::string& issue);
friend class MetricsTest;
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, FrequencyToChannel);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, ResetConnectTimer);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, ServiceFailure);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, TimeOnlineTimeToDrop);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, TimeToConfig);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, TimeToOnline);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, TimeToPortal);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, TimeToScanIgnore);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, WiFiServicePostReady);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifySuspendWithWakeOnWiFiEnabledDone);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifyWakeOnWiFiThrottled);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifySuspendActionsCompleted_Success);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifySuspendActionsCompleted_Failure);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifyDarkResumeActionsCompleted_Success);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifyDarkResumeActionsCompleted_Failure);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifySuspendActionsStarted);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifyDarkResumeActionsStarted);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifyDarkResumeInitiateScan);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifyDarkResumeScanResultsReceived);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifyDarkResumeScanRetry);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifyBeforeSuspendActions_InDarkResume);
FRIEND_TEST(MetricsTest, NotifyBeforeSuspendActions_NotInDarkResume);
FRIEND_TEST(WiFiMainTest, GetGeolocationObjects);
using TimerReporters =
using TimerReportersList = std::list<chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter*>;
using TimerReportersByState =
std::map<Service::ConnectState, TimerReportersList>;
struct ServiceMetrics {
// All TimerReporter objects are stored in |timers| which owns the objects.
// |start_on_state| and |stop_on_state| contain pointers to the
// TimerReporter objects and control when to start and stop the timers.
TimerReporters timers;
TimerReportersByState start_on_state;
TimerReportersByState stop_on_state;
using ServiceMetricsLookupMap =
std::map<const Service*, std::unique_ptr<ServiceMetrics>>;
struct DeviceMetrics {
DeviceMetrics() : auto_connect_tries(0) {}
Technology::Identifier technology;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter> initialization_timer;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter> enable_timer;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter> disable_timer;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter> scan_timer;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter> connect_timer;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter> scan_connect_timer;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter> auto_connect_timer;
int auto_connect_tries;
using DeviceMetricsLookupMap =
std::map<const int, std::unique_ptr<DeviceMetrics>>;
static const uint16_t kWiFiBandwidth5MHz;
static const uint16_t kWiFiBandwidth20MHz;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency2412;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency2472;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency2484;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency5170;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency5180;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency5230;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency5240;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency5320;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency5500;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency5700;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency5745;
static const uint16_t kWiFiFrequency5825;
void InitializeCommonServiceMetrics(const Service& service);
void UpdateServiceStateTransitionMetrics(ServiceMetrics* service_metrics,
Service::ConnectState new_state);
void SendServiceFailure(const Service& service);
DeviceMetrics* GetDeviceMetrics(int interface_index) const;
void AutoConnectMetricsReset(DeviceMetrics* device_metrics);
// Notifies this object about the removal/resetting of a device with given
// technology type.
void NotifyDeviceRemovedEvent(Technology::Identifier technology_id);
// For unit test purposes.
void set_library(MetricsLibraryInterface* library);
void set_time_online_timer(chromeos_metrics::Timer* timer) {
time_online_timer_.reset(timer); // Passes ownership
void set_time_to_drop_timer(chromeos_metrics::Timer* timer) {
time_to_drop_timer_.reset(timer); // Passes ownership
void set_time_resume_to_ready_timer(chromeos_metrics::Timer* timer) {
time_resume_to_ready_timer_.reset(timer); // Passes ownership
void set_time_termination_actions_timer(
chromeos_metrics::Timer* timer) {
time_termination_actions_timer.reset(timer); // Passes ownership
void set_time_suspend_actions_timer(
chromeos_metrics::Timer* timer) {
time_suspend_actions_timer.reset(timer); // Passes ownership
void set_time_dark_resume_actions_timer(
chromeos_metrics::Timer* timer) {
time_dark_resume_actions_timer.reset(timer); // Passes ownership
void set_time_to_scan_timer(int interface_index,
chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter* timer) {
DeviceMetrics* device_metrics = GetDeviceMetrics(interface_index);
device_metrics->scan_timer.reset(timer); // Passes ownership
void set_time_to_connect_timer(int interface_index,
chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter* timer) {
DeviceMetrics* device_metrics = GetDeviceMetrics(interface_index);
device_metrics->connect_timer.reset(timer); // Passes ownership
void set_time_to_scan_connect_timer(int interface_index,
chromeos_metrics::TimerReporter* timer) {
DeviceMetrics* device_metrics = GetDeviceMetrics(interface_index);
device_metrics->scan_connect_timer.reset(timer); // Passes ownership
// |library_| points to |metrics_library_| when shill runs normally.
// However, in order to allow for unit testing, we point |library_| to a
// MetricsLibraryMock object instead.
EventDispatcher* dispatcher_;
MetricsLibrary metrics_library_;
MetricsLibraryInterface* library_;
ServiceMetricsLookupMap services_metrics_;
Technology::Identifier last_default_technology_;
bool was_online_;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::Timer> time_online_timer_;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::Timer> time_to_drop_timer_;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::Timer> time_resume_to_ready_timer_;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::Timer> time_termination_actions_timer;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::Timer> time_suspend_actions_timer;
std::unique_ptr<chromeos_metrics::Timer> time_dark_resume_actions_timer;
bool collect_bootstats_;
DeviceMetricsLookupMap devices_metrics_;
int num_scan_results_expected_in_dark_resume_;
bool wake_on_wifi_throttled_;
bool wake_reason_received_;
int dark_resume_scan_retries_;
} // namespace shill
#endif // SHILL_METRICS_H_