Merge "logging: always enable DCHECK for the static analyzer"
diff --git a/base/include/android-base/logging.h b/base/include/android-base/logging.h
index fa0d922..cf4a624 100644
--- a/base/include/android-base/logging.h
+++ b/base/include/android-base/logging.h
@@ -315,7 +315,7 @@
 // DCHECKs are debug variants of CHECKs only enabled in debug builds. Generally
 // CHECK should be used unless profiling identifies a CHECK as being in
 // performance critical code.
-#if defined(NDEBUG)
+#if defined(NDEBUG) && !defined(__clang_analyzer__)
 static constexpr bool kEnableDChecks = false;
 static constexpr bool kEnableDChecks = true;
@@ -339,7 +339,7 @@
   if (::android::base::kEnableDChecks) CHECK_STREQ(s1, s2)
 #define DCHECK_STRNE(s1, s2) \
   if (::android::base::kEnableDChecks) CHECK_STRNE(s1, s2)
-#if defined(NDEBUG)
+#if defined(NDEBUG) && !defined(__clang_analyzer__)
 #define DCHECK_CONSTEXPR(x, out, dummy)
 #define DCHECK_CONSTEXPR(x, out, dummy) CHECK_CONSTEXPR(x, out, dummy)