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This is a port of wcwidth.js (which is a port of wcwidth implemented in C by Markus Kuhn) to the libdot framework.

Upstream details can be found in the METADATA file.

Licensing details can be found in the file.


When a new Unicode release is made, it might contain new combining and wide characters, so we'll need to update our tables.

You‘ll first want to grab the latest Unicode release. It’s easiest to grab the entire archive (it's small) and then extract the few files you want. The UNIDATA path below is really a symlink to the latest version.

$ wget
$ unzip -u EastAsianWidth.txt PropList.txt UnicodeData.txt

Then use the helper script to update the tables in lib_wc.js.

$ ./ update

Now you‘ll double check the update to make sure things look sane. G’luck!