Authors & Maintainers & Contributors

This is part of the Chromium OS project.

Please do not use this list to contact authors. We have a mailing list for discussions. See the file for details.


The current maintainers:

  • Rob Ginda <rginda@>: Original author and visionary extraordinaire
  • Mike Frysinger <vapier@>: Likes to throw things at the wall until they stick


If you want to throw your name in here after having one of your CLs merged, feel free! If the work is a bit more significant, feel free to list that too.

The list is sorted alphabetically by last name.

  • Toni Barzic <tbarzic@>
  • David Benjamin <davidben@>
  • Ahmed Fakhry <afakhry@>
  • Brandon Gilmore <varz@>
  • Zelidrag Hornung <zelidrag@>
  • Evan Jones <ej@>
  • Michael Kelly <mjk@>
  • Dmitry Polukhin <dpolukhin@>
  • Andrew de los Reyes <adlr@>
  • Marius Schilder <mschilder@>
  • Edoardo Spadolini <kerio00@>
  • Rob Spies <wilford@>
  • Brad Town <townba@>