hterm 1.11, nassh, encoding preferences

hterm 1.11: Add 'send-encoding'/'receive-encoding' preferences.

* Splits 'character-encoding' into two preferences so send and receive
  encodings can be set independently.
* Refactor Terminal.keyboard.onKeyDown_ to allow Ctrl+Alt+(printable) key
* Fix regression in Terminal..onPaste_.

hterm 1.10: Add 'character-encoding' preference.

* Adds a 'character-encoding' preference which can be set to 'utf-8' (default)
  or 'raw'.  When set to 'utf-8' hterm's behavior is unchanged from previous
  versions.  When set to 'raw', hterm will not attempt to decode input or
  encode output.

nassh Update to hterm 1.11.

* Include 'send-encoding'/'receive-encoding' preferences from hterm 1.11.

nassh Update to hterm 1.10.

* Include 'characer-encoding' preference from hterm 1.10.

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