hterm 1.19: Ignore full-screen vt scroll regions.

If the host attempts to set the VT scroll region to be the entire
terminal height, we remove the scroll region entirely.  This lets full-screen
apps overflow into the local scrollback buffer, which makes screen and tmux
much more pleasant to use.

TEST=hterm_test.html, 68/68 tests passed.

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This repository holds web applications that make use of libdot/.

libdot/ is a small set of JS libraries initially developed as part of hterm, now available as shared code.

hterm/ is a JS based terminal emulator that is reasonably fast, reasonably correct, and reasonably portable across browsers.

nassh/ is a Chrome App (currently a “v1.5” app, soon to become a “v2” or Platform App) that combines hterm with a NaCl build of OpenSSH to provide a PuTTY-like app for Chrome users.

See for information about how to get a local copy of the source and submit patches.