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1.3, 2013-04-04, Keyboard fixes
* BUG=chromium:174410, Fix to allow Alt-Backspace to send Meta-Backspace
* BUG=chromium:226752, Don't trap media keys (e.g. Mute) by default.
1.2, 2013-03-19, Fix bell regression.
* Fix bug that made terminal bell only ring once.
1.1, 2013-03-13, Grab bag of fixes.
* Fix base64 encoding of the bell audio.
* Break out of a parseUntilStringTerminator_ if an embedded ESC is
found (other than the one that may appear as part of a 7-bit ST),
or if the sequence has been going on for too long (measured by the
wall clock).
* BUG=chromium:191050, Map Chrome OS top-row keys to function keys.
* BUG=chromum-os:30792, beeps accumulate - leads to non stop beeping
* BUG=chromum-os:35288, scroll-on-output doesn't appear to work
* BUG=chromum-os:39645, Application keypad doesn't work properly
1.0, 2013-03-06, Initial split from Secure Shell codebase.
* Move nassh related files out into ../nassh/.
* Add hterm_resources.concat.
* Add bin/ and related concat/ lists.