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This is lib_wam. It's not fully baked.

lib_wam is a “Web Application Messaging” library that includes two parts:

  1. A base layer that adds multiple reply and bidirectional reply conventions to existing JSON message passing options.

  2. An application layer that adds filesystem-like functionality on top of that.

WAM base layer.

  • lib_wam.js - Namespace and common utilities.
  • lib_wam_direct_transport.js - Transport for apps that want to talk to themselves. The terminal window uses this to run wash and, wash uses it to run readline, for example.
  • lib_wam_chrome_port_transport.js - Transport to connect to other chrome apps and extensions.
  • lib_wam_channel.js - Communication layer over the transport that provides reply tracking and stuff.
  • lib_wam_message.js - Message implementation.

WAM filesystem layer.

  • lib_wam_fs.js - Namespace, error definitions, etc.
  • lib_wam_fs_entry.js - Base class for things that can appear in a filesystem.
  • lib_wam_fs_directory.js - A container for other lib.wa.fs.Entry objects.
  • lib_wam_fs_executable.js - An entry which can be executed.
  • lib_wam_fs_remote.js - An entry whose actual value lives on the other side of a lib.wam.Channel.