libdot 1.1: Grab bag of changes.

* Initial add of libdot changelog.
* Fix file selection in libdot/bin/  rsync selection wasn't working
  properly and I couldn't figure out how to fix it.  Instead, we build a file
  list using patterns passed to the `find` utility, and feed the resulting
  list to rsync.
* Move echo_changelog function from hterm/bin into libdot/bin/ so that
  any concat script has access to it.
* Remove base64 magic from bin/, since bash can't handle the binary
  data properly anyway.  Concat files need to manually encode to base64 when
* Switch line wrapping to awk, since the bash implementation was
  super slow.
* Allow line continuations with trailing "\" character in concat files.
* Echo a bell character after rerunning "concat --forever" to indicate that
  the concat is done.
* lib.PreferenceManager..set() - Re-add the notifyChange_() call.
* lib.PreferenceManager..onStorageChange_() - Fixed.

TEST=hterm_test.html, 66/66 tests passed
TEST=Manual testing in Secure Shell

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