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Warning: This document is old & has moved. Please update any links:

hterm is a JS library that provides a terminal emulator. It is reasonably fast, reasonably correct, and reasonably portable across browsers.

Do not confuse this with an ssh client (like Secure Shell) or a shell environment by itself. It only provides the platform for rendering terminal output and accepting keyboard input.


The chromium-hterm mailing list can be used to contact other users and developers for questions.

Our existing set of bugs/feature requests can be found at

To file an actual report, you can use This will route to the right people.


We require ECMAScript 2018. If you‘re using an older runtime, then sorry, you’re not supported. Fortunately, all modern browsers today should support it.

We might use some newer features as we deem useful, but only ones that can be polyfilled (and we‘ll include those polyfills by way of libdot). We’ll avoid language features (e.g. syntax) that can't be polyfilled.

Of course, we might slip up and use something that violates these stated goals. Feel free to let us know via the Contact section above! :)

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