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# The first line tracks the last version that went stable.
# Only features added since then should be kept here.
# When a new version has gone stable, update the version above,
# and delete all the old release notes below.
# The lines below that start with % will be the actual notes.
# The % symbol is used to split lines.
# Only list significant changes that matter to the user.
# The more lines that we have here, the more cluttered the output.
% SFTP mount support (Chrome OS only).
% OpenSSH upgraded to 7.5p1 (ECDSA/ED25519 support, but older features deprecated).
% Support for ssh:// links.
% Omnibox integration for ssh keyword.
% Add a user-css-text field for injecting custom CSS directly.
% IDN support for international domains.
% Root path for SFTP mounts can be configured (Chrome OS only).
% OpenSSL upgraded to 1.0.2k.
% Custom "mouse-paste-button" settings need to be manually updated.
% Mouse wheel sends up/down arrow keys on the alt screen in DECCKM mode.
% Support for iTerm2 OSC-9 growl notifications.
% Support for URxvt OSC-777:notify module notifications.
% Ctrl+V/Ctrl+Shift+V now pastes directly (fixes at least macOS).