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This repo is the website and related tooling.

The site uses Firebase for hosting.

Site Layout

Here's the layout of the site of real files.

  • /404.html: The default HTTP/404 error page.
  • /index.html: The main page's HTML code.
  • /index.js: The main page's JavaScript code.
  • /css/: Various .css files.
  • /dist/: hterm versions for live use on the site.
    • <ver>/: Each release goes into a versioned directory.
  • /img/: Various image files.

Here's the pseudo layout (managed via the firebase.json config file).

  • /docs: Redirect to the main set of docs. Subpaths may be used to redirect to specific docs.
  • /faq: Stable link to the FAQ.
    • <id>: Stable links to specific questions.
  • /x/: Namespace for stable links. Once created, these should never be deleted or renamed.

Source Layout

Here's the layout of this git repo.

  • bin/: Various scripts to help manage the site.
  • firebase.json: The Firebase configuration file for the site.
  • htdocs/: All the files uploaded to the website. See site layout too.

Firebase Cheatsheet

You will need the firebase-tools package available via npm. You can follow the quickstart guide, or use the version bundled with the libdot repo (that hterm is part of). For now, we assume that firebase is in your $PATH.

Local Testing

To test out changes locally, run firebase serve. That will start up a webserver on the local system so you can fully test out changes to the site and to the firebase.json config file.


To deploy the changes to the real site, run firebase -P hterm-website deploy.


Some docs that might be useful: