apps: WifiStateMachine and wpa_supplicant state tracking for Android

Track the states for WifiStateMachine and wpa_supplicant for Android
logs.  The states are found with regular expressions and call the
related handlers to get and store state.  This state is stored in the
WifiStateMachine object.  These states will be displayed in the
log summary section and act as links to the displayed log where they
are also highlighted.

A helper function to track supplicant states for all supported log types
is added to the logHelper class.  This is now a generic call instead of
a method in the tracked object (Manager or WifiStateMachine).

Add tests for the related log lines.  The tests check the relevant data
structures to make sure state changes are properly tracked and added as

TEST=manually with Chrome OS, Brillo and Android logs
TEST=ran 'grunt test'

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