apps: add time to connect to shill log processor

Add additional summary information to the manager and service sections
of the shill log processor.

In the manager section, the time from suspendDone to Online is
recorded.  This is the elapsed time from the suspendDone message to the
first connection (service in Online state).  In cases where there is a
suspendDone, but not a connection, the time is displayed as [NA_].

In the service section, the elapsed time for each connection attempt is
noted.  This includes all attempts from associating to online or
failure.  If an associating state is detected without a corresponding
end state [NA_] is displayed, otherwise the elapsed time is displayed.

Manager 1 00:01:31.172
  suspendDone to Online: [00:00:07.280]

  Active Service 2: Associating --> Configuring --> Connected --> Online
      --> Idle
    Connections: 1
    Time to Connect [assoc to online or failure (O|F)]: [00:00:04.748

  Active Service 0: Associating --> Configuring --> Connected --> Online
    Connections: 1
    Time to Connect [assoc to online or failure (O|F)]: [00:00:05.240

TEST=ran "grunt test" and manually tested with multiple logs

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