apps: logprocessor: Fix tracking of log starts

Shill's WiFi logs record scan start events as:
  "Scan on $DEV from ..."

Since logprocessor's regex for scan starts does not correspond with
this format, following a shill change in mid-2016, logprocessor's
functionality for tracking scans is somewhat broken and has been for a
while. This change fixes the regex so that logprocessor can properly
track scan starts and ends.

TEST=Manual testing with log containing scans.

Change-Id: Ifdffc126fff9126a609393f2895b6c95e2cddbe7
diff --git a/netlog_summary.js b/netlog_summary.js
index d8a8918..cd2e49a 100644
--- a/netlog_summary.js
+++ b/netlog_summary.js
@@ -277,7 +277,7 @@
   'scan': {
-    re: / Scan \[.* from .*/,
+    re: / Scan .* from .*/,
     handler: function(processingState, result) {
       var currentManager = processingState.currentManager;
       var time = processingState.time;