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### Build steps:
You will need grunt and jasmine for testing the packet trace analyzer.
### Installing Grunt (drives tests):
Instructions are detailed at:
1 - install npm
2 - update npm: npm update -g npm
3 - use npm to install grunt-cli: npm install -g grunt-cli
4 - change to logprocessor/pcap directory
5 - install project dependencies: npm install
6 - run grunt: grunt
7 - run tests: grunt test
### Using the application:
1. Load the app as an unpackaged app in chrome://extensions
2. From the app, upload a pcap file and the summary information
will be displayed to the view. The sample_files directory
contains sample pcap files.
### Debugging:
Generic error messages are displayed in the view as html.
Specific error messages are logged to the browser console.
### Testing:
Testing is done in Jasmine. After following the build steps above,
run "grunt test"