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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import argparse
import logging
import open_source
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import prepare_open_source_commit
import util.git
def _update_submodules(dest):'Submodule update')
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'submodule', 'sync'], cwd=dest)
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'submodule', 'update', '--init'], cwd=dest)
def _clone_repo_if_needed(dest):
if not os.path.exists(dest):'Cloning open source repo to "%s"' % dest)
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'clone', '--recursive', _OPEN_SOURCE_URL,
def _validate_local_repository(dest):
if not util.git.is_git_dir(dest):
sys.exit('directory "%s" is not a valid git repo' % dest)
def _check_out_matching_branch(dest):
# We have to update all the remotes to make sure we can find the remote branch
# this checkout comes from. On buildbots, only master and tags are fetched by
# default. We have to fetch tags in the destination repo explicitly too.
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'remote', 'update'])
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'remote', 'update'], cwd=dest)
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'fetch', '--tags'], cwd=dest)
remote_branch = util.git.get_remote_branch(util.git.get_last_landed_commit())
if not util.git.has_remote_branch(remote_branch, cwd=dest):
sys.exit('Open source repository does not have the remote branch %s' %
remote_branch)'Checking out %s branch' % remote_branch)
# |remote_branch| is the portion after the last slash, e.g., 'master', not
# 'origin/master'. There should be a local branch with the same name that
# was created when the remote was updated with the new branch.
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'checkout', remote_branch], cwd=dest)
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'pull'], cwd=dest)
def _test_changes(dest):'Testing changes in open source tree')
configure_options_file = 'out/configure.options'
with open(configure_options_file) as f:
subprocess.check_call(['./configure'] +, cwd=dest)
subprocess.check_call(['ninja', 'all', '-j50'], cwd=dest)
def _set_git_user(name, email, dest):'Setting user "%s <%s>"' % (name, email))
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'config', '--local', '', name],
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'config', '--local', '', email],
def _commit_changes(dest, label):'Commiting changes to open source tree')
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'add', '-A'], cwd=dest)
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'commit', '--allow-empty', '-m',
'Updated to %s' % label],
def _sync_head_tags(dest, src):
"""Synchronize any tags currently pointing at HEAD to the open source repo."""
tags = subprocess.check_output(['git', 'tag', '--points-at', 'HEAD'], cwd=src)
for tag in tags.splitlines():
logging.warning('Updating tag %s' % tag)
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'tag', '-f', '-a', '-m', tag, tag], cwd=dest)
def _push_changes(dest):'Pushing changes to open source remote repository')
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'push'], cwd=dest)
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'push', '--tags'], cwd=dest)
def _reset_and_clean_repo(dest):'Resetting local open source repository')
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'reset', '--hard'], cwd=dest)'Clearing untracked files from repository')
# -f -f is intentional, this will get rid of untracked modules left behind.
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'clean', '-f', '-f', '-d'], cwd=dest)
# Updates or clones from scratch the open source repository at the location
# provided on the command line. The resultant repo is useful to pass into
# to then populate the repo with a current
# snapshot.
def main():
assert not open_source.is_open_source_repo(), ('Cannot be run from open '
'source repo.')
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--force', action='store_true',
help=('Overwrite any changes in the destination'))
parser.add_argument('--push-changes', action='store_true',
help=('Push changes to the destination repository\'s '
parser.add_argument('--verbose', '-v', action='store_true',
help=('Get verbose output'))
args = parser.parse_args(sys.argv[1:])
if args.verbose:
if (util.git.get_uncommitted_files(cwd=args.dest) and not args.force):
logging.error('%s has uncommitted files, use --force to override')
return 1
# Submodules abandoned between branches will still leave their directories
# around which can confuse prepare_open_source_commit, so we clean them out.
_reset_and_clean_repo(args.dest), args.force)
if args.push_changes:
commit_label = subprocess.check_output(['git', 'describe']).strip()
_set_git_user('arc-push', '', args.dest)
_commit_changes(args.dest, commit_label)
_sync_head_tags(args.dest, '.')
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':