Thanks for thinking of contributing to Breakpad! Unfortunately there are some pesky legal issues to get out of the way, but they're quick and painless.


If you‘re doing work individually, not as part of any employment, you’ll need to sign the Individual Contributor License Agreement. This agreement can be completed electronically.

If you‘re contributing to Breakpad as part of your employment with another organization, you’ll need to sign a Corporate Contributor License Agreement. Once completed this document will need to be faxed.

IMPORTANT: The authors(you!) of the contributions will maintain all copyrights; the agreements you sign will grant rights to Google to use your work.

Thanks, and if you have any questions let me know and I'll loop in the legal guy here to get you an answer.


Once you have signed the agreement you can be added to our contributors list and have write access to code. For full details on getting started see our trunk README.

List of people who have signed contributor agreements

None so far.