Recover memory mappings before writing dump on ChromeOS

On Linux, breakpad relies on /proc/[pid]/maps to associate symbols from
addresses. ChromeOS' hugepage implementation replaces some segments
with anonymous private pages, which is a restriction of current
implementation in Linux kernel at the time of writing. Thus, breakpad
can no longer symbolize addresses from those text segments replaced by

This patch tries to recover the mappings. Because hugepages are always
inserted in between some .text sections, it tries to infer the names and
offsets of the segments, by looking at segments immediately precede and
succeed them.

For example, a text segment before hugepage optimization
  02001000-03002000 r-xp /opt/google/chrome/chrome

can be broken into
  02001000-02200000 r-xp /opt/google/chrome/chrome
  02200000-03000000 r-xp
  03000000-03002000 r-xp /opt/google/chrome/chrome

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Patch from Ting-Yuan (Leo) Huang <>.

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