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  1. 9717ac9 [telemetry] Use-8 encoding when read file by Puthikorn Voravootivat · 2 days ago main
  2. 507a4d1 Make adb_wrapper.Shell() more robust wrt exit codes by Andrew Grieve · 2 days ago
  3. 9141e44 Use logging module in atrace_agent by Viktor Samun · 2 days ago
  4. 5484928 Reland "[Pinpoint] Add new yaml for python 3 and update corresponding settings" by Wenbin Zhang · 3 days ago
  5. 5130ce0 [cast3p] Add stop casting functionality to castbrowserbackend by Chong Gu · 3 days ago


Catapult is the home for several performance tools that span from gathering, displaying and analyzing performance data. This includes:

These tools were created by Chromium developers for performance analysis, testing, and monitoring of Chrome, but they can also be used for analyzing and monitoring websites, and eventually Android apps.


Please see our contributor's guide