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# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import six
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class OmapThrottlingDetector(object):
"""Class to detect and track thermal throttling on an OMAP 4."""
OMAP_TEMP_FILE = ('/sys/devices/platform/omap/omap_temp_sensor.0/'
def IsSupported(device):
return device.FileExists(OmapThrottlingDetector.OMAP_TEMP_FILE)
def __init__(self, device):
self._device = device
def BecameThrottled(log_line):
return 'omap_thermal_throttle' in log_line
def BecameUnthrottled(log_line):
return 'omap_thermal_unthrottle' in log_line
def GetThrottlingTemperature(log_line):
if 'throttle_delayed_work_fn' in log_line:
return float([s for s in log_line.split() if s.isdigit()][0]) / 1000.0
def GetCurrentTemperature(self):
tempdata = self._device.ReadFile(OmapThrottlingDetector.OMAP_TEMP_FILE)
return float(tempdata) / 1000.0
class ExynosThrottlingDetector(object):
"""Class to detect and track thermal throttling on an Exynos 5."""
def IsSupported(device):
return device.FileExists('/sys/bus/exynos5-core')
def __init__(self, device):
def BecameThrottled(log_line):
return 'exynos_tmu: Throttling interrupt' in log_line
def BecameUnthrottled(log_line):
return 'exynos_thermal_unthrottle: not throttling' in log_line
def GetThrottlingTemperature(_log_line):
return None
def GetCurrentTemperature():
return None
class ThermalThrottle(object):
"""Class to detect and track thermal throttling.
Wait for IsThrottled() to be False before running test
After running test call HasBeenThrottled() to find out if the
test run was affected by thermal throttling.
def __init__(self, device):
self._device = device
self._throttled = False
self._detector = None
# pylint: disable=redefined-variable-type
if OmapThrottlingDetector.IsSupported(device):
self._detector = OmapThrottlingDetector(device)
elif ExynosThrottlingDetector.IsSupported(device):
self._detector = ExynosThrottlingDetector(device)
def HasBeenThrottled(self):
"""True if there has been any throttling since the last call to
HasBeenThrottled or IsThrottled.
return self._ReadLog()
def IsThrottled(self):
"""True if currently throttled."""
return self._throttled
def _ReadLog(self):
if not self._detector:
return False
has_been_throttled = False
serial_number = str(self._device)
log = self._device.RunShellCommand(['dmesg', '-c'],
degree_symbol = six.unichr(0x00B0)
for line in log:
if self._detector.BecameThrottled(line):
if not self._throttled:
logger.warning('>>> Device %s thermally throttled', serial_number)
self._throttled = True
has_been_throttled = True
elif self._detector.BecameUnthrottled(line):
if self._throttled:
logger.warning('>>> Device %s thermally unthrottled', serial_number)
self._throttled = False
has_been_throttled = True
temperature = self._detector.GetThrottlingTemperature(line)
if temperature is not None:'Device %s thermally throttled at %3.1f%sC', serial_number,
temperature, degree_symbol)
if logger.isEnabledFor(logging.DEBUG):
# Print current temperature of CPU SoC.
temperature = self._detector.GetCurrentTemperature()
if temperature is not None:
logger.debug(u'Current SoC temperature of %s = %3.1f%sC', serial_number,
temperature, degree_symbol)
# Print temperature of battery, to give a system temperature
dumpsys_log = self._device.RunShellCommand(['dumpsys', 'battery'],
for line in dumpsys_log:
if 'temperature' in line:
btemp = float([s for s in line.split() if s.isdigit()][0]) / 10.0
logger.debug(u'Current battery temperature of %s = %3.1f%sC',
serial_number, btemp, degree_symbol)
return has_been_throttled