Dashboard Dockerfile

This is an attempt to make the testing and deploying process for dashboard more consistent and running everything in docker.

There is a run script helps you to fetch some information from host and set it into docker. It's only a simple wrap of docker-compose run. And you can always use this script as the entrypoint.

Initial setup

Install Docker and docker-compose.

This process requires that you have Docker installed locally. Googlers, see go/install-docker.

E.g. sudo apt install docker-ce docker-compose.

Authenicate to gcloud

cd dev_dockerfiles
./run auth


Build Images

You need to manually rebuild the images every time Dockerfile have updated currently. This process can be automated in run script later.

docker-compose down
docker-compose build --no-cache

Run Python Unit Tests

./run python-unittest

Deploy Dashboard

./run deploy-dashboard

Deploy Pinpoint

./run deploy-pinpoint