Getting started with the Performance Dashboard


  1. Download the Google Cloud SDK.
  2. Update the Cloud SDK and set the default project to your project ID by invoking the following commands:
    gcloud components update
    gcloud components install app-engine-python
    gcloud config set project [PROJECT-ID]
    Replace [PROJECT-ID] with your project ID. For, it's chromeperf.
  3. Make sure that gcloud is in your PATH.
  4. Make sure that you have installed protoc.

Running the tests

To run the Python unit tests, use bin/run_py_tests. To run the front-end component tests, use bin/run_dev_server_tests.

Running a local instance

Running a local instance (i.e., a dev server) of the Performance Dashboard is no longer supported due to a python2 dependency in the appengine toolchain.

To manually test your python server changes, deploy them to chromeperf-stage.

Deploying to production

See Docker deploy.

Where to find documentation