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<!-- Proxy info -->
<dom-module id="proxy-view">
<div id=proxy-view-tab-content class=content-box>
<div id=proxy-view-effective-content>
<h4>Effective proxy settings</h4>
<pre id=proxy-view-effective-settings></pre>
<div id=proxy-view-original-content>
<h4>Original proxy settings</h4>
<pre id=proxy-view-original-settings></pre>
<div id=proxy-view-socks-hints>
Note that some traffic such as DNS prefetching will NOT go through the proxy
server. To prevent the browser from doing local DNS resolves try adding this
command line flag:
<pre id=proxy-view-socks-hints-flag></pre>
<div id=proxy-view-bad-proxies-div style='display: none'>
<h4>Recently failed proxies, marked as bad</h4>
<table class="styled-table">
<th>Bad proxy server</th>
<th>Time for next retry</th>
<tbody id=proxy-view-bad-proxies-tbody></tbody>
is: 'proxy-view',