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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import os
from py_utils import cloud_storage
from dependency_manager import exceptions
class CloudStorageUploader(object):
def __init__(self, bucket, remote_path, local_path, cs_backup_path=None):
if not bucket or not remote_path or not local_path:
raise ValueError(
'Attempted to partially initialize upload data with bucket %s, '
'remote_path %s, and local_path %s', bucket, remote_path, local_path)
if not os.path.exists(local_path):
raise ValueError('Attempting to initilize UploadInfo with missing '
'local path %s', local_path)
self._cs_bucket = bucket
self._cs_remote_path = remote_path
self._local_path = local_path
self._cs_backup_path = (cs_backup_path or
'%s.%s' % (self._cs_remote_path,
self._updated = False
self._backed_up = False
def Upload(self, force=False):
"""Upload all pending files and then write the updated config to disk.
Will attempt to copy files existing in the upload location to a backup
location in the same bucket in cloud storage if |force| is True.
force: True if files should be uploaded to cloud storage even if a
file already exists in the upload location.
CloudStorageUploadConflictError: If |force| is False and the potential
upload location of a file already exists.
CloudStorageError: If copying an existing file to the backup location
or uploading the new file fails.
if cloud_storage.Exists(self._cs_bucket, self._cs_remote_path):
if not force:
#pylint: disable=nonstandard-exception
raise exceptions.CloudStorageUploadConflictError(self._cs_bucket,
#pylint: enable=nonstandard-exception
logging.debug('A file already exists at upload path %s in self.cs_bucket'
' %s', self._cs_remote_path, self._cs_bucket)
cloud_storage.Copy(self._cs_bucket, self._cs_bucket,
self._cs_remote_path, self._cs_backup_path)
self._backed_up = True
except cloud_storage.CloudStorageError:
logging.error('Failed to copy existing file %s in cloud storage bucket '
'%s to backup location %s', self._cs_remote_path,
self._cs_bucket, self._cs_backup_path)
self._cs_bucket, self._cs_remote_path, self._local_path)
except cloud_storage.CloudStorageError:
logging.error('Failed to upload %s to %s in cloud_storage bucket %s',
self._local_path, self._cs_remote_path, self._cs_bucket)
self._updated = True
def Rollback(self):
"""Attempt to undo the previous call to Upload.
Does nothing if no previous call to Upload was made, or if nothing was
successfully changed.
True iff changes were successfully rolled back.
CloudStorageError: If copying the backed up file to its original
location or removing the uploaded file fails.
cloud_storage_changed = False
if self._backed_up:
cloud_storage.Copy(self._cs_bucket, self._cs_bucket, self._cs_backup_path,
cloud_storage_changed = True
self._cs_backup_path = None
elif self._updated:
cloud_storage.Delete(self._cs_bucket, self._cs_remote_path)
cloud_storage_changed = True
self._updated = False
return cloud_storage_changed
def __eq__(self, other, msg=None):
if not isinstance(self, type(other)):
return False
return (self._local_path == other._local_path and
self._cs_remote_path == other._cs_remote_path and
self._cs_bucket == other._cs_bucket)