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This directory contains prebuilt binaries used by Telemetry which allow it to
be run without requiring any compilation.
For usage instructions, see:
version 0.8.9-4:0.8.9-0ubuntu0.12.04.1
IEDriverServer binary:
Both 32-bit and 64-bit are of version 2.35.2.
ipfw and ipfw_mod.ko:
Version 20120812
Built from branch modified by vmiura on github. The git branch used is
"perf_tracing_changes" but in the directions below I have included the actual
hash of the checkout.
Make sure you have the proper libraries installed for symbol demangling:
shell> sudo apt-get install binutils-dev
shell> sudo apt-get install libiberty-dev
Directions for building perf:
shell> git clone
shell> cd linux
shell> git checkout e1fe871e4a33712ad4964a70904d5d59188e3cc2
shell> cd tools/perf
shell> make
shell> ./perf test
Tests should mostly pass, except a few:
1: vmlinux symtab matches kallsyms : FAILED!
2: detect open syscall event : FAILED!
3: detect open syscall event on all cpus : FAILED!
4: read samples using the mmap interface : FAILED!
5: parse events tests : FAILED!
11: Check parsing of sched tracepoints fields : FAILED!
12: Generate and check syscalls:sys_enter_open event fields: FAILED!
21: Test object code reading :[kernel.kallsyms] ... FAILED!
shell> mv perf perfhost_trusty
. build/
lunch aosp_arm-user
2013-09-26 - bulach - perf / perfhost / tcpdump:
git revert -n 93501d3 # issue with __strncpy_chk2
make -j32 perf perfhost tcpdump
Same as above, with aarch64 architecture, from branch android-5.0.0_r2