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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# A singleton map from platform backends to maps of uniquely-identifying
# remote port (which may be the same as local port) to DevToolsClientBackend.
# There is no guarantee that the devtools agent is still alive.
import six
_platform_backends_to_devtools_clients_maps = {}
def _RemoveStaleDevToolsClient(platform_backend):
"""Removes DevTools clients that are no longer connectable."""
devtools_clients_map = _platform_backends_to_devtools_clients_maps.get(
platform_backend, {})
devtools_clients_map = {
port: client
for port, client in six.iteritems(devtools_clients_map)
if client.IsAlive()
_platform_backends_to_devtools_clients_maps[platform_backend] = (
def RegisterDevToolsClient(devtools_client_backend):
"""Register DevTools client
This should only be called from DevToolsClientBackend when it is initialized.
remote_port = str(devtools_client_backend.remote_port)
platform_clients = _platform_backends_to_devtools_clients_maps.setdefault(
devtools_client_backend.platform_backend, {})
platform_clients[remote_port] = devtools_client_backend
def GetDevToolsClients(platform_backend):
"""Get DevTools clients including the ones that are no longer connectable."""
devtools_clients_map = _platform_backends_to_devtools_clients_maps.get(
platform_backend, {})
if not devtools_clients_map:
return []
return list(devtools_clients_map.values())
def GetActiveDevToolsClients(platform_backend):
"""Get DevTools clients that are still connectable."""
return GetDevToolsClients(platform_backend)