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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import copy
import sets
_global_test_context = None
def GetCopy():
return copy.deepcopy(_global_test_context)
class TypTestContext(object):
""" The TestContext that is used for passing data from the main test process
to typ's subprocesses. Those includes:
_ client_configs: list of client configs that contain infos about binaries
to use.
_ finder_options: the commandline options object. This is an instance of
_ test_class: the name of the test class to be run.
_ test_case_ids_to_run: the ids of the test cases to be run. e.g:,,..
This object is designed to be pickle-able so that it can be easily pass from
the main process to test subprocesses. It also supports immutable mode to
ensure its data won't be changed by the subprocesses.
def __init__(self):
self._client_configs = []
self._expectations_files = []
self._finder_options = None
self._test_class = None
self._test_cases_ids_to_run = set()
self._frozen = False
def Freeze(self):
""" Makes the |self| object immutable.
Calling setter on |self|'s property will throw exception.
assert self._finder_options
assert self._test_class
self._frozen = True
self._test_cases_ids_to_run = sets.ImmutableSet(self._test_cases_ids_to_run)
self._client_configs = tuple(self._client_configs)
self._expectations_files = tuple(self._expectations_files)
def finder_options(self):
return self._finder_options
def client_configs(self):
return self._client_configs
def test_class(self):
return self._test_class
def test_case_ids_to_run(self):
return self._test_cases_ids_to_run
def expectations_files(self):
return self._expectations_files
def expectations_files(self, value):
assert not self._frozen
self._expectations_files = value
def finder_options(self, value):
assert not self._frozen
self._finder_options = value
def test_class(self, value):
assert not self._test_class
self._test_class = value