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Performance Dashboard

The Chrome Performance Dashboard is an App Engine web application for displaying and monitoring performance test results.

Code Structure

All dashboard code lives in the dashboard/ subdirectory, with the endpoints for individual HTTP API handlers in that directory. There are a number of subprojects which are also hosted in that directory:

  • api: Handlers for API endpoints.
  • common: A module collecting various utilities and common types used across multiple subprojects in the performance dashboard.
  • docs: A collection of documents for users of the dashboard, the API, and other subprojects.
  • elements: User interface elements used in the performance dashboard web user interface. This is deprecated in favor of spa.
  • models: A collection of types which represent entities in the data store, with associated business logic for operations. These models should be thought of as models in the Model-View-Controller conceptual framework.
  • pinpoint: The performance regression bisection implementation. See more in the pinpoint documentation.
  • services: A collection of wrappers which represent external services which the dashboard subprojects interact with.
  • static: Directory containing all the static assets used in the user interface. This is deprecated in favor of spa.
  • templates: HTML files representing the templates for views served through the App Engine user interface. This is deprecated in favor of spa.
  • sheriff_config: A standalone service for managing sheriff configurations hosted in git repositories, accessed through luci-config.


Bugs can be reported on the Chromium issue tracker using the Speed>Dashboard component:

Note that some existing issues can be found in the Github issue tracker, but this is no longer the preferred location for filing new issues.

For questions and feedback, send an email to