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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import optparse
import six
from telemetry import decorators
from telemetry.internal import story_runner
from telemetry.internal.util import command_line
from import legacy_page_test
from telemetry.story import expectations as expectations_module
from telemetry.web_perf import story_test
from telemetry.web_perf import timeline_based_measurement
Info = decorators.Info
# TODO( remove this once we update all the benchmarks in
# tools/perf to use Info decorator.
Owner = decorators.Info # pylint: disable=invalid-name
class InvalidOptionsError(Exception):
"""Raised for invalid benchmark options."""
class Benchmark(command_line.Command):
"""Base class for a Telemetry benchmark.
A benchmark packages a measurement and a PageSet together.
Benchmarks default to using TBM unless you override the value of
Benchmark.test, or override the CreatePageTest method.
New benchmarks should override CreateStorySet.
options = {}
page_set = None
test = timeline_based_measurement.TimelineBasedMeasurement
SUPPORTED_PLATFORMS = [expectations_module.ALL]
def __init__(self, max_failures=None):
"""Creates a new Benchmark.
max_failures: The number of story run's failures before bailing
from executing subsequent page runs. If None, we never bail.
self._max_failures = max_failures
# TODO: There should be an assertion here that checks that only one of
# the following is true:
# * It's a TBM benchmark, with CreateCoreTimelineBasedMeasurementOptions
# defined.
# * It's a legacy benchmark, with either CreatePageTest defined or
# Benchmark.test set.
# See
def CanRunOnPlatform(self, platform, finder_options):
"""Figures out if the benchmark is meant to support this platform.
This is based on the SUPPORTED_PLATFORMS class member of the benchmark.
This method should not be overriden or called outside of the Telemetry
Note that finder_options object in practice sometimes is actually not
a BrowserFinderOptions object but a PossibleBrowser object.
The key is that it can be passed to ShouldDisable, which only uses
finder_options.browser_type, which is available on both PossibleBrowser
and BrowserFinderOptions.
# This is reusing StoryExpectation code, so it is a bit unintuitive. We
# are trying to detect the opposite of the usual case in StoryExpectations
# so we want to return True when ShouldDisable returns true, even though
# we do not want to disable.
if p.ShouldDisable(platform, finder_options):
return True
return False
def Run(self, finder_options):
"""Do not override this method."""
finder_options.target_platforms = self.GetSupportedPlatformNames(
return story_runner.RunBenchmark(self, finder_options)
def max_failures(self):
return self._max_failures
def Name(cls):
return '%s.%s' % (cls.__module__.split('.')[-1], cls.__name__)
def AddCommandLineArgs(cls, parser):
group = optparse.OptionGroup(parser, '%s test options' % cls.Name())
if group.option_list:
def AddBenchmarkCommandLineArgs(cls, group):
del group # unused
def GetSupportedPlatformNames(cls, supported_platforms):
"""Returns a list of platforms supported by this benchmark.
A set of names of supported platforms. The supported platforms are a list
of strings that would match possible values from platform.GetOsName().
result = set()
for p in supported_platforms:
return frozenset(result)
def SetArgumentDefaults(cls, parser):
default_values = parser.get_default_values()
invalid_options = [o for o in cls.options if not hasattr(default_values, o)]
if invalid_options:
raise InvalidOptionsError(
'Invalid benchmark options: %s' % ', '.join(invalid_options))
def ProcessCommandLineArgs(cls, parser, args):
def CustomizeOptions(self, finder_options, possible_browser=None):
"""Add options that are required by this benchmark."""
def GetBugComponents(self):
"""Return the benchmark's Monorail component as a string."""
return decorators.GetComponent(self)
def GetOwners(self):
"""Return the benchmark's owners' emails in a list."""
return decorators.GetEmails(self)
def GetDocumentationLinks(self):
"""Return the benchmark's documentation links.
A list of [title, url] pairs. This is the form that allows Dashboard
to display links properly.
links = []
url = decorators.GetDocumentationLink(self)
if url is not None:
links.append(['Benchmark documentation link', url])
return links
def GetInfoBlurb(self):
"""Return any info blurb associated with the the benchmark"""
return decorators.GetInfoBlurb(self)
def CreateCoreTimelineBasedMeasurementOptions(self):
"""Return the base TimelineBasedMeasurementOptions for this Benchmark.
Additional chrome and atrace categories can be appended when running the
benchmark with the --extra-chrome-categories and --extra-atrace-categories
Override this method to configure a TimelineBasedMeasurement benchmark. If
this is not a TimelineBasedMeasurement benchmark, override CreatePageTest
for PageTest tests. Do not override both methods.
return timeline_based_measurement.Options()
def _GetTimelineBasedMeasurementOptions(self, options):
"""Return all timeline based measurements for the curren benchmark run.
This includes the benchmark-configured measurements in
CreateCoreTimelineBasedMeasurementOptions as well as the user-flag-
configured options from --extra-chrome-categories and
tbm_options = self.CreateCoreTimelineBasedMeasurementOptions()
if options and options.extra_chrome_categories:
# If Chrome tracing categories for this benchmark are not already
# enabled, there is probably a good reason why. Don't change whether
# Chrome tracing is enabled.
assert tbm_options.config.enable_chrome_trace, (
'This benchmark does not support Chrome tracing.')
if options and options.extra_atrace_categories:
# Many benchmarks on Android run without atrace by default. Hopefully the
# user understands that atrace is only supported on Android when setting
# this option.
tbm_options.config.enable_atrace_trace = True
categories = tbm_options.config.atrace_config.categories
if isinstance(categories, six.string_types):
# Categories can either be a list or comma-separated string.
categories = categories.split(',')
for category in options.extra_atrace_categories.split(','):
if category not in categories:
tbm_options.config.atrace_config.categories = categories
if options and options.enable_systrace:
legacy_json_format = options and options.legacy_json_trace_format
if legacy_json_format:
if options and options.experimental_system_tracing:
assert not legacy_json_format
logging.warning('Enabling experimental system tracing!')
tbm_options.config.enable_experimental_system_tracing = True
if options and options.experimental_system_data_sources:
assert not legacy_json_format
tbm_options.config.enable_experimental_system_tracing = True
if options and options.force_sideload_perfetto:
assert tbm_options.config.enable_experimental_system_tracing
tbm_options.config.force_sideload_perfetto = True
# TODO( Remove or adjust the following warnings as the
# development of TBMv3 progresses.
tbmv3_metrics = [m[6:] for m in tbm_options.GetTimelineBasedMetrics()
if m.startswith('tbmv3:')]
if tbmv3_metrics:
if legacy_json_format:
'Selected TBMv3 metrics will not be computed because they are not '
"supported in Chrome's JSON trace format.")
'The following TBMv3 metrics have been selected to run: %s. '
'Please note that TBMv3 is an experimental feature in active '
'development, and may not be supported in the future in its '
'current form. Follow for updates and to '
'discuss your use case before deciding to rely on this feature.',
', '.join(tbmv3_metrics))
return tbm_options
def CreatePageTest(self, options): # pylint: disable=unused-argument
"""Return the PageTest for this Benchmark.
Override this method for PageTest tests.
Override, CreateCoreTimelineBasedMeasurementOptions to configure
TimelineBasedMeasurement tests. Do not override both methods.
options: a browser_options.BrowserFinderOptions instance
|test()| if |test| is a PageTest class.
Otherwise, a TimelineBasedMeasurement instance.
is_page_test = issubclass(self.test, legacy_page_test.LegacyPageTest)
is_story_test = issubclass(self.test, story_test.StoryTest)
if not is_page_test and not is_story_test:
raise TypeError('"%s" is not a PageTest or a StoryTest.' %
if is_page_test:
# TODO: assert that CreateCoreTimelineBasedMeasurementOptions is not
# defined. That's incorrect for a page test. See
return self.test() # pylint: disable=no-value-for-parameter
opts = self._GetTimelineBasedMeasurementOptions(options)
return self.test(opts)
def CreateStorySet(self, options):
"""Creates the instance of StorySet used to run the benchmark.
Can be overridden by subclasses.
del options # unused
# TODO(aiolos, nednguyen, eakufner): replace class attribute page_set with
# story_set.
if not self.page_set:
raise NotImplementedError('This test has no "page_set" attribute.')
return self.page_set() # pylint: disable=not-callable