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# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from telemetry import benchmark
from py_utils import discover
class ProjectConfig(object):
"""Contains information about the benchmark runtime environment.
top_level_dir: A dir that contains benchmark, page test, and/or story
set dirs and associated artifacts.
benchmark_dirs: A list of dirs containing benchmarks.
benchmark_aliases: A dict of name:alias string pairs to be matched against
exactly during benchmark selection.
client_configs: A list of paths to a ProjectDependencies json files.
default_chrome_root: A path to chromium source directory. Many telemetry
features depend on chromium source tree's presence and those won't work
in case this is not specified.
expectations_file: A path to expectations file.
def __init__(self, top_level_dir, benchmark_dirs=None,
benchmark_aliases=None, client_configs=None,
default_chrome_root=None, expectations_files=None):
self._top_level_dir = top_level_dir
self._benchmark_dirs = benchmark_dirs or []
self._benchmark_aliases = benchmark_aliases or dict()
self._client_configs = client_configs or []
self._default_chrome_root = default_chrome_root
self._expectations_files = expectations_files or []
self._benchmarks = None
def top_level_dir(self):
return self._top_level_dir
def start_dirs(self):
return self._benchmark_dirs
def benchmark_dirs(self):
return self._benchmark_dirs
def benchmark_aliases(self):
return self._benchmark_aliases
def client_configs(self):
return self._client_configs
def default_chrome_root(self):
return self._default_chrome_root
def expectations_files(self):
return self._expectations_files
def AdjustStartupFlags(self, args):
"""Returns a new list of adjusted startup flags.
Subclasses should override this method to change startup flags before use.
return args
def GetBenchmarks(self):
"""Return a list of all benchmark classes found in this configuration."""
if self._benchmarks is None:
benchmarks = []
for search_dir in self.benchmark_dirs:
self._benchmarks = benchmarks
return list(self._benchmarks)
def GetBenchmarkByName(self, benchmark_name):
"""Find a benchmark by an exact name match.
benchmark_name: The name or a alias of a benchmark.
The benchmark class if an exact match for the name is found, or None
# Allow using aliases to find benchmarks.
benchmark_name = self.benchmark_aliases.get(benchmark_name, benchmark_name)
for benchmark_class in self.GetBenchmarks():
if benchmark_name == benchmark_class.Name():
return benchmark_class
return None