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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""A Telemetry page_action that performs the "drag" action on pages.
Action parameters are:
- selector: If no selector is defined then the action attempts to drag the
document element on the page.
- element_function: CSS selector used to evaluate callback when test completes
- text: The element with exact text is selected.
- left_start_ratio: ratio of start point's left coordinate to the element
- top_start_ratio: ratio of start point's top coordinate to the element height.
- left_end_ratio: ratio of end point's left coordinate to the element width.
- left_end_ratio: ratio of end point's top coordinate to the element height.
- speed_in_pixels_per_second: speed of the drag gesture in pixels per second.
- use_touch: boolean value to specify if gesture should use touch input or not.
from telemetry.internal.actions import page_action
from telemetry.internal.actions import utils
from telemetry.util import js_template
class DragAction(page_action.ElementPageAction):
def __init__(self, selector=None, text=None, element_function=None,
left_start_ratio=None, top_start_ratio=None, left_end_ratio=None,
top_end_ratio=None, speed_in_pixels_per_second=800,
super(DragAction, self).__init__(
selector, text, element_function, timeout=timeout)
self._left_start_ratio = left_start_ratio
self._top_start_ratio = top_start_ratio
self._left_end_ratio = left_end_ratio
self._top_end_ratio = top_end_ratio
self._speed = speed_in_pixels_per_second
self._use_touch = use_touch
self._synthetic_gesture_source = (
'chrome.gpuBenchmarking.%s_INPUT' % synthetic_gesture_source)
def WillRunAction(self, tab):
utils.InjectJavaScript(tab, 'gesture_common.js')
utils.InjectJavaScript(tab, 'drag.js')
# Fail if browser doesn't support synthetic drag gestures.
if not tab.EvaluateJavaScript('window.__DragAction_SupportedByBrowser()'):
raise page_action.PageActionNotSupported(
'Synthetic drag not supported for this browser')
# Fail if this action requires touch and we can't send touch events.
if self._use_touch:
if not page_action.IsGestureSourceTypeSupported(tab, 'touch'):
raise page_action.PageActionNotSupported(
'Touch drag not supported for this browser')
if (self._synthetic_gesture_source ==
raise page_action.PageActionNotSupported(
'Drag requires touch on this page but mouse input was requested')
window.__dragActionDone = false;
window.__dragAction = new __DragAction(function() {
window.__dragActionDone = true;
def RunAction(self, tab):
if not self.HasElementSelector():
self._element_function = 'document.body'
gesture_source_type = 'chrome.gpuBenchmarking.TOUCH_INPUT'
if (page_action.IsGestureSourceTypeSupported(tab, 'mouse') and
not self._use_touch):
gesture_source_type = 'chrome.gpuBenchmarking.MOUSE_INPUT'
code = js_template.Render(
function(element, info) {
if (!element) {
throw Error('Cannot find element: ' + info);
element: element,
left_start_ratio: {{ left_start_ratio }},
top_start_ratio: {{ top_start_ratio }},
left_end_ratio: {{ left_end_ratio }},
top_end_ratio: {{ top_end_ratio }},
speed: {{ speed }},
gesture_source_type: {{ @gesture_source_type }}
self.EvaluateCallback(tab, code)
'window.__dragActionDone', timeout=self.timeout)