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  3. add_reserved_diagnostics
  5. compare_samples
  6. generate_about_tracing_contents
  7. histograms2csv
  8. histograms2html
  9. html2trace
  10. label_histograms
  11. map_traces
  12. memory_infra_remote_dump
  13. merge_histograms
  14. merge_traces
  15. proto2json
  16. results2json
  17. run_dev_server_tests
  18. run_metric
  19. run_node_tests
  20. run_py_tests
  21. run_symbolizer_tests
  22. run_tests
  23. run_vinn_tests
  24. slim_trace
  25. snapdragon2trace
  26. strip_memory_infra_trace
  27. symbolize_trace
  28. trace2html
  29. update_gni
  30. validate_all_diagnostics
  31. validate_all_metrics
  32. vulcanize_trace_viewer
  33. why_imported

Quick descriptions of the scripts in tracing/bin/:

  • chartjson2histograms: Converts a chartjson file to HistogramSet JSON.
  • compare_samples: Compares metric results between two runs. Supports chart-json, HistogramSet JSON, and buildbot formats.
  • generate_about_tracing_contents: Vulcanizes trace viewer.
  • histograms2csv: Converts HistogramSet JSON to CSV.
  • histograms2html: Vulcanizes results.html. Optionally copies HistogramSet JSON from existing results.html and/or histograms.json file.
  • html2trace: Extracts trace JSON from a vulcanized trace HTML file.
  • label_histograms: Add a label to Histograms in an HTML or JSON file.
  • map_traces: Runs a trace map function over multiple traces. See also run_metric.
  • memory_infra_remote_dump: Extracts before/after memory dumps from a devtools remote protocol port.
  • merge_histograms: Merges Histograms from HistogramSet JSON according to a sequence of grouping keys, produces a new HistogramSet JSON.
  • merge_traces: Merge traces from either vulcanized HTML or JSON files to either a vulcanized HTML or a JSON file.
  • results2json: Extracts HistogramSet JSON from a results.html file.
  • run_dev_server_tests: Automatically run tracing dev server tests.
  • run_metric: Run a metric over one or more traces, produce vulcanized results.html.
  • run_node_tests: Automatically run headless tracing tests in node.
  • run_py_tests: Automatically run tracing python tests.
  • run_tests: Automatically run all tracing tests.
  • run_vinn_tests: Automatically run headless tracing tests in vinn.
  • slim_trace: Reads trace data from either HTML or JSON, removes some data, writes a new slimmed_$filename file.
  • strip_memory_infra_trace: Reads memory trace JSON, removes some data, writes a new $filename-filtered.json file.
  • symbolize_trace: Modifies trace JSON to symbolize symbols using a Chromium Debug build output directory.
  • trace2html: Vulcanizes trace data from a JSON file to an HTML file.
  • update_gni: Updates trace_viewer.gni.
  • validate_all_diagnostics: Checks that all Diagnostic classes in tracing/tracing/value/diagnostics/ are registered correctly.
  • validate_all_metrics: Checks that all metric functions in tracing/tracing/metrics/ are registered correctly.
  • vulcanize_trace_viewer: Vulcanizes trace viewer. (TODO(benjhayden): What is the difference between this and generate_about_tracing_contents?)
  • why_imported: Explain why given modules are imported in trace viewer.