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The md-pages branch is served on, and we don't have a
good way to automatically keep this branch up-to-date right now. Until we
do, this CL leaves a landing pages that points to googlesource.

Please note that the bug line below is only to satisfy the out-of-date on the branch.

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      Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
      found in the LICENSE file.
-Catapult is the home for several performance tools that span from gathering,
-displaying and analyzing performance data. This includes:
- * [Trace-viewer](/tracing/
- * [Performance Insights](/perf_insights/
- * [Telemetry](/telemetry/
- * [Performance Dashboard](/dashboard/
-These tools were created by Chromium developers for performance analysis,
-testing, and monitoring of Chrome, but they can also be used for analyzing and
-monitoring websites, and eventually Android apps.
-Please see [our contributor's guide](
-**[Current build status](**
+Catapult documentation has moved. Please consult
+for up-to-date documentation.