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Firefighter is an App Engine dashboard that visualizes time series data.

The overall process is to:

  1. Ingest multiple streams of data, either by polling data sources, or by bot uploads.
  2. Convert everything to a trace event and tag it with metadata.
  3. Filter the events on dozens of parameters with low cost and latency, using BigQuery.
  4. Produce arbitrary visualizations for arbitrary data on-demand.


Follow the instructions for setting up Google App Engine Managed VMs.

  1. Download and install the Google Cloud SDK.

  2. Ensure you are authorized to run gcloud commands.

     $ gcloud auth login
  3. Set the default project name.

     $ gcloud config set project PROJECT
  4. Install the gcloud app component.

     $ gcloud components update app

Development Server

You must have the Google Cloud SDK installed. Run:

stats$ bin/run


You must have the Google Cloud SDK installed. Run:

stats$ bin/deploy

Code Organization

The app is divided into two modules: default and update. The update module handles ingestion of data, through either polling or uploading from an external service. The default module handles user queries. base/ contains code shared between both modules.