NaCl: Update revision in DEPS, r9834 -> r9843

This pulls in the following Native Client changes:

r9835: (mseaborn) Debug stub tests: Add a test for writing memory
r9836: (mseaborn) Fix some spelling mistakes in comments in debug stub code
r9837: (mseaborn) Debug stub: Disallow the debugger from modifying code
r9838: (mseaborn) Remove the unused script tools/
r9839: (jfb) ARM validator: test all possible ARM instruction encodings
r9840: (mseaborn) Debug stub: Fix memory access bounds checks to account for range size
r9841: (phosek) When reverse setup is used, StartModule now waits for reverse channel initialization to prevent errors when reverse channel is being used before it is fully initialized.
r9842: (khim) Simplify MarkedInstruction constructor.
r9843: (shcherbina) Validator_ragel: get rid of autogenerated validator_x86_64_insruction_consts.c file


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