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# Do NOT add chrome to the list below. We shouldn't be including files from
# src/chrome in src/content.
include_rules = [
# The subdirectories in content/ will manually allow their own include
# directories in content/ so we disallow all of them.
"+content/shell", # for content_browsertests
# Don't allow inclusion of these other libs we shouldn't be calling directly.
# Allow inclusion of third-party code:
# Aura is analogous to Win32 or a Gtk, so it is allowed.
# Content knows about grd files, but the specifics of how to get a resource
# given its id is left to the embedder.
# This file isn't related to grd, so it's fine.
# Content shouldn't depend on views. While we technically don't need this
# line, since the top level DEPS doesn't allow it, we add it to make this
# explicit.
# Aura Shell consumes views, so it too is banned.
# For generated JNI includes