1. ef93e71  [css-grid] Grid containers reporting wrong preferred widths by - 14 minutes ago master
  2. 56211d5  Migrate some classes under html/track onto Oilpan heap. by - 67 minutes ago
  3. 85a5cda  [CSS Grid Layout] Set static position of absolutely-positioned grid children by - 69 minutes ago
  4. a458d04  Oilpan: ALLOW_ONLY_INLINE_ALLOCATION objects that have trace methods should not be stored in off-heap HashTables by - 80 minutes ago
  5. 973d374  Unify code paths for fixed and absolutely positioned objects in accumulateOffsetTowardsAncestor(). by - 89 minutes ago
  6. a1ce38c  Reland of Fix FreeList::zapFreedMemory to fail "use-of-uninitialized-value" on MSAN by - 2 hours ago
  7. 06d33f1  Make sure tab widths are at least one layout unit. by - 2 hours ago
  8. d4131a01  Oilpan: Prepare to move InjectedScriptHost::InspectableObject to the heap by - 3 hours ago
  9. 54f3f4a  Eagerly finalize V8AbstractEventListeners. by - 3 hours ago
  10. f006601  Utilize VisbileSelection::toNormalizedEphemeralRange() in DOMSelection::containsNode() by - 3 hours ago
  11. de5d60a  Avoid temporary Range object creation for using FrameSelection::toNormalizedRange() as conditional expression by - 3 hours ago
  12. 4d4ea44  Make PositionWithAffinityTemplate takes Strategy instead of PositionType by - 4 hours ago
  13. 5bac436  Reinitialize the FrameView if needed when processing XSLT. by - 4 hours ago
  14. ca2577f  Oilpan: Remove raw pointer to PageConsoleAgent from InspectorWorkerAgent by - 4 hours ago
  15. a9881a3  Oilpan: Remove raw pointer to Scrollbar from WebScrollbarThemePainter by - 4 hours ago
  16. 0c7242f  Clean up some StyleBuilder property application code by - 4 hours ago
  17. 363d7df  Oilpan: Remove raw pointer to Widget from ScriptController by - 4 hours ago
  18. 4a76ded  Revert of Delete AuthorStyleInfo and move its data into ComputedStyle.RareNonInheritedData. (patchset #15 id:280001 of by - 5 hours ago
  19. bf01bed  Oilpan: Remove raw pointer to InspectorRuntimeAgent from InjectedScriptCallScope by - 5 hours ago
  20. c31510b  Introduce EpehemralRange version of PlainTextRange::create() by - 5 hours ago