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div {
height: 100px;
width: 100px;
background: blue;
margin: 10px;
Tests that a player playing in reverse started concurrently with another player receives the correct start time.
The three squares should make identical movements from left to right.
<div id="target1"></div>
<div id="target2"></div>
<div id="target3"></div>
var p1 = target1.animate([
{transform: 'translate(800px)'},
{transform: 'translate(-800px)'}
], 2000);
p1.currentTime = 1000;
p1.playbackRate = -1;
var p2 = target2.animate([
{transform: 'translate(800px)'},
{transform: 'translate(0px)'}
], 1000);
var p3 = target3.animate([
{transform: 'translate(-800px)'},
{transform: 'translate(800px)'}
], 2000);
p3.currentTime = 1000;