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var secondWindowLog = "Logging from second window:<br>";
function log(a)
secondWindowLog += a + "<br>";
function runTest()
if (!window.sessionStorage) {
log("window.sessionStorage DOES NOT exist");
log("Value for FOO is " + window.sessionStorage.getItem("FOO"));
window.sessionStorage.setItem("FOO", "BAR-NEWWINDOW");
log("Value for FOO after changing my own copy is " + window.sessionStorage.getItem("FOO"));
log("Value for FOO in my opening window is " + window.opener.sessionStorage.getItem("FOO"));
if (window.testRunner)
<body onload="runTest();">
This is a new window to make sure there is a copy of the previous window's sessionStorage, and that they diverge after a change<br>